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Buying Guide for Ski Training Aids


Kids love skiing and being outdoors in the winter wonderland. Some kids are naturals at skiing but truth is that when starting out all kids could use a little help in gaining balance, confidence and an understanding of just how skis and skiing works. Here at it is one of our missions to get as many people skiing no matter their age and skiing ability. Selling ski training aids for children is one way we hope to get children not only into skiing but to learn and to enjoy it.


There are several different types of ski training aids and methods of teaching kids to ski and here we will cover the most common ski training aids and help you get an understanding of how each one works. So sit back, relax and get ready for to make your ski training life a bit easier.


Plastic Skis


We can start with one of the most commonly purchased ski training aids which are actually simply plastic skis. Sold with or without poles these plastic skis are great for children to learn the concept of skiing without the dangerous metal edges. These plastic skis are relatively inexpensive and offer a great feeling of actual skiing for a child that's not quite ready for full fledged downhill skis. Outfitted with easily adjustable plastic bindings which release upon a fall are safe and lightweight. These skis not having metal edges will not be allowed into most resorts but are a great backyard training set up to get the child acclimated to skiing.


Plastic Trainer Skis


Easy Wedge and Tip Clip Connectors


An easy wedge or other form of tip connector is a quintessential piece of ski training equipment once your child has moved past plastic skis in the backyard. A ski resort can be intimidating for some children (some are fearless) and these connectors offer a way to control speed and facilitate turns. A tip connector does essentially what its name implies; it connects the tips of the skis building confidence as it will not allow the skier to get out of control. These tips connectors help to maintain the “wedge” position while skiing and make turning easier for kids. Once trained and confident with the tip connectors you can still keep them on hand if your child encounters new or more aggressive terrain or if they get tired and need some additional help finishing a run. These attach easily to kids skis and are also easily removed.


Tip Connector Ski Trainer


Ski Training Harness


The ski training harness is worn by your child and offers you the parent or trainer the ability to control your little skier. Equipped with a handle, you can easily help them learn to turn. The handle also allows you to pick the skier up if they fall and actually control the falls so they don’t go down too hard. Without falling hard and easily being picked up when they do fall your skier will gain confidence while learning to keep their skis straight. These harnesses are easily stowed when you’re not using them and offer an easy way to grab your child and help them onto the chairlift saving from pile ups and collisions.


Ski Training Harness


As you can see there are plenty of ski training devices available to help your little one gain confidence and learn to ski. All these ski training aids are made with one common goal; to ensure kids have all the available resources to learn to ski in the easiest and least frustrating way. Start with the plastic skis in the backyard and move up to the ski harness on the ski hill and you will have a little expert skier in no time!

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