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Burton and Adidas Team Up For Some Fun


April 27th, 2010



Some partnerships miss the mark, some by a little bit and some by a mile. Pretty sure that Burton and Adidas have hit the nail right on the head though. Burton and Adidas Originals are getting together to create a limited edition of men’s apparel and footwear that is sure to be some sick threads and loafers.


The special collaboration is set to hit select Adidas Originals and Burton stores around the world in November. With 21 apparel pieces and seven styles of footwear there is sure to be something for everyone. The Adidas originals Trefoil with Burton branding have prices ranging from $40-$350 for apparel and $90-$200 for footwear, start saving!


Before you get all crazy thinking ‘what does Adidas have to do with snowboarding?” Adidas may belong in the snowboarding community a bit more than you would imagine, Ben Pruess the Vice President of Adidas Originals is also, get this, a former professional snowboarder. Once a snowboarder, always a snowboarder and Pruess has made sure that the collaboration is snowboarder friendly.


The line which consists of fleece tops, three-quarter length trenches, down jackets and footwear is designed with a snowboarder in mind. The footwear offers collapsible heels for an easy exit but also offers a high top type design for getting through slush and sludge with no issue. The apparel offers some great moisture wicking properties and waterproof quality for wear on and off the hill.


It’s a one shot deal currently but as sure as snowboarding is awesome you can bet there will be further talks once the line is released and definitely once it does well with the snowboard community. You have officially been warned, so be on the lookout for this awesome collaboration and don’t miss out.


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