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JUNE 05, 2014



On this podcast, Burton reps Levi and McKenna discuss some of their upcoming products including the Dual Boa System and Sleeping Bag Technology on Burton Snowboard Boots and even apparel made out of recycled Mountain Dew bottles.


STEVE: Welcome to the Summit Sports Podcast for and Burton is iconic. Skiers know the brand. Snowboarders know the brand. They are truly one of the most famous and most reliable hardgoods and softgoods companies on the planet when it comes to snow sports. Recently, two representatives from Burton visited our headquarters where they spoke about upcoming 2014-2015 products for our vendor videos and then took turns discussing the categories they represent on this podcast. McKenna, our first guest, is the apparel rep for Burton and Levi is the hardgoods rep. So, McKenna, sometimes it’s difficult to appeal to both skiers and snowboarders when it comes to apparel. How does Burton handle that difficulty?

McKENNA: Um, one thing with that, I think, is because Burton has been around for so long. It’s really well known among the whole action sports community and I think that has helped a lot with branching over to skiers and then another thing that’s really cool land unique with Burton is we have different categories to our lines, for instance we have AK which is Alaska Certified and that’s really upscale and it’s going to be super nice and the kind of going out to huge mountain rider for both skiing and snowboarding but then we also have Process which is a little more techy, a little sleek. Definitely could be crossed over to any sport and then we have Mountain which has a more heritage vibe. It’s really cool. Definitely more, I want to say like, Danny Davis style. It’s more relaxed.

STEVE: Now, Shaun White gets to put his spin on some Burton items, right?

McKENNA: Yeah, Shaun White always has his own look and he gets to create part of our line every year. It’s really awesome. He comes up with really different prints which are really cool and then he also has more of a slim style.

STEVE: So, you do an interesting thing with Mountain Dew bottles.

McKENNA: Yeah, actually it’s really cool. All of our prints in the line are made out of recycled Mountain Dew bottles and it’s super neat. You can actually, when you feel it, it’s softer compared to the other fabrics and it’s awesome. Usually there’s an upcharge for it and there no longer is.

STEVE: Oh, that’s good. And they have the same kind of great breathability and all that?

McKENNA: Yep. All the features are the same.

STEVE: Levi has been with Burton for five years now, he worked in the shops before then so he knows a thing or two about Burton products. My first question for Levi was, what’s is new for Burton this year?

LEVI: Well, we’ve got a lot of good stuff in the works and coming at ya for 2015. Everything from new technology in boots for Burton like Boa and in bindings, just overall improvements that might be the small little tweaks but making a big difference for the rider. In boards, we’ve expanded squeezebox which is our core profiling. You’re seeing a lot more use of our asymmetrical Squeezebox which tailors to the average snowboarder’s stance and really tweaks the flex points of the board so lots of exciting stuff.

STEVE: You mentioned briefly Boa. Let’s hear about Boa.

LEVI: Yeah, definitely. This year we’ve done some different closure systems. Burton’s made the Speedzone very popular but this year we wanted to bring the popular Boa system into our line up and kind of combine two leaders in their own aspects. We’ve always done a great job with boots and Boa’s always made a great closure systems and we wanted to combine the two this year and give people that option of Boa Burton Boot and the outcome was definitely very positive. We’ve got a single Boa as well as a dual Boa giving you two zones of control there so…

STEVE: How does a dual Boa work?

LEVI: So, on Burton system, it’s actually two Boas. One is going to control the lower zone and one is going to control the upper zone. It’s basically exactly like our Speedzone but instead of using the pull cords by hand we’ve got these crank mechanisms supplied by Boa that we’re using to close the boots and keep them tight all day long. There are 2 separate coils and 2 separate laces so they’re fully independent. You can tighten the bottom zone extra tight like I like it and leave the upper zone loose or that rider that likes to just really get their whole boot very tight, you’re able to really dial it in because you tighten the upper and lower independently from each other.

STEVE: What kind of rider would get the most out of this system?

LEVI: It’s definitely geared a little bit more advanced based on the beginner isn’t knowing quite as much, exactly how they like that boot to feel and then as you’re getting more and more advanced you’re getting into fine-tuning your set more and more so it’s definitely geared toward a little more advanced rider or somebody looking for a very specific comfort level.

STEVE: What about for warmth? Anything new?

LEVI: Basically we’re upping the warmth in every single model. There’s what we call Sleeping Bag Technology which is a metal strovel underneath the rider’s foot that reflects heat back up into it and we’re combining that with different cushioning systems – one called Rebounce that actually is going to be a lot better at absorbing hard impacts and keeping the heel safe from bruising and just making it an all-over more comfortable ride.

STEVE: From Dual Boa Lacing systems for comfort and performance to Shaun White’s own personal touches on jackets and pants and even utilizing Sleeping Bag Technology, Burton is always the leader in innovation in both their hardgoods and softgoods. There is plenty to look at on both and when it comes to Burton products so please take a look at the latest and greatest for the 2014-2015 season. I’d like to thank McKenna and Levi for joining me on the Summit Sports Podcast for and and thank you for listening.

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