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Ski Boot Bags

Ski boot bags are specially made up bags for easy transport of your ski boots. Many boot bags can fit one pair of ski boots as well as some other odds and ends. There are many features available on ski boot bags including backpack straps, exterior pockets, helmet storage, goggle pocket, and more. offers a wide selection of ski boot bags from the top brands including Athalon, Atomic, Dakine, Full Tilt, High Sierra, Lange, Salomon, Swix, Transpack, and more!


Ski boot bags with backpack straps are becoming the new normal. Having backpack straps on your boot bag is one of the most freeing designs ever. Super easy to put your ski boots into the bag and then the bag goes up like a backpack making it super easy to travel with your ski boots carrying them like a school bag, and your next class is in the backcountry! Some bags will have the straps permanently sewn into place while other bags will have removable straps that can be stowed away when not in use. Using a ski boot bag that offers backpack strap leaves your hands free to carry more or to give people high fives, both are important.


When shopping for a new boot bag be sure to think of your personal needs including what you want to store in the bag. Many ski boot bags will offer outer pockets which can be stuffed with other odds and ends from keys and cell phone to tools and extra parts. Some ski boots bags will offer large pockets on the sides, others will offer mesh pockets on the front, and some will offer interior pockets. Most all ski boot bags will offer some additional pockets but some will offer more pockets, or larger pockets so be sure to choose a bag that fits with what you wish to do.


Some ski boot bags will double as a helmet bag as well. These boot bags will often be called “weekend bags” or “accessory bags” and will fit your boots as well as a helmet or whatever else you need to carry. These ski boot bags are great for those that have a lot of gear and want to keep stuff together as much as possible. Another great option available on some ski boots bags is a goggle pocket. A goggle pocket will be lined in a softer material to keep the goggles lenses clear from scratches, and some goggle pockets will have a hard case around them to further protect the goggles.


Overall, there are many different options to choose from when shopping ski boot bags from Just be sure to keep in mind your personal needs and wants in a bag and choose accordingly!



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