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Boarding for Breast Cancer


October 4th, 2010



October is Breast Cancer awareness month and the snowboard industry is doing their part with the help of the non-profit fundraising foundation Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC).





What is B4BC?


Boarding for breast cancer is a non-profit fundraising foundation focused on educating youth and bringing a heightened awareness to breast cancer. Their mission is to increase breast cancer awareness, the importance of early detection and the value of an active lifestyle. Their cause is a worthwhile one and is causing a lot more brands in the snow sports and snowboard industry get involved in the fight against breast cancer. Check out their site here for a full line up of contributing brands and complete information on B4BC or continue reading below as we touch on a few of the brands and their involvement in this movement.






Electric Goggles


Electric teamed up with B4BC by offering the above goggle in their signature frames; the EG2.5, EG.5s and the EG.5. not only do these goggles have the great look you’ve come to expect from Electric but a portion of all the sales from these goggles will go towards the B4BC fund.






Gnu Snowboards


The B-Pro snowboard is a top of the line snowboard offered by Gnu and inspired by Barret Christy. Now you can be inspired as you rip the mountain on this shred stick as a part of all proceeds from this board goes to B4BC. Unfortunately we have not stocked this board for the year but will gladly order it for you, it’s as easy as contacting our customer service and placing an order.





Von Zipper Goggles


The Von Zipper Mumu Pink Chakra goggles not only keep you looking cute as a button on the hill while busting tricks and airing over the boys but a portion of all proceeds from this goggle go to B4BC which is totally rad.






Skullcandy Headphones


Skullcandy headphones make some of the most respected heady’s in the industry and they offer 15 products in total in which a portion of the proceeds go to B4BC. This is on top of their great donation a few years back of $36,723, skullcandy is not messing around when it comes to donating to the cause. With 13 headphones available in pink, a bandana and pink sweatbands you can show your support by purchasing these items.






K2 Snowboards


Although K2 is not directly affiliated with B4BC they still give to the cause as a portion of all sales of their women’s snowboards go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation so no matter what K2 women’s snowboard you end up with you’ll know your money is going to the cause.






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