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Best Powder Skis of 2014


By Chris Gorski




Powder skiing has always been a great time and a favorite for skiers because there truly is nothing like laying fresh tracks down in some powder. In the last decade and even more so in the last couple seasons powder skiing has grown in popularity. Maybe it’s the new powder skis coming out with new technology making powder skiing easier and more accessible or maybe it’s just that the word has gotten out; powder skiing is pretty great.


Here we are going to go over some of the top powder skis out in 2014 including some skis that are brand new for this season. 



Line Sick Day 125Line Sick Day 125


Fat and light? Sounds like a weird combination but the Line Sick Day pulls it off coming in at only 4,734 grams (pair) and 125mm in the waist meaning these skis are fat and light! Fat enough to be a powder ski and light enough to be a powder touring ski the Sick Day offers the flotation of a well inflated pool toy and the smoothness of a well blended cocktail.


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Thin Tip construction gives the Sick Day a super thin core and sidewall in the tips making the skis 100 grams lighter per pair giving the skis a lighter swing weight and reduced tip bounce.


Early Rise and Early Taper means you will be able to float in the deep stuff with an earlier rise in the tip of the skis and the taper being set earlier in the tip reduces tail drag and hooking in powder.


Directional Flex offers a softer tip flex to float in powder and easily initiate turns and the tail of the Sick day is stiffer which provides powerful turn execution and stability at speed.


Longer Active Edge offers a 20% longer sidecut edge that comes in contact with the snow compared to other skis in the same class. This leads to a better grip and less slip.


For whom the ski tolls


The Line Sick Day is a powder ski and will give you a surfy vibe. Although the technology in the ski will give you some decent grip on hardpacked snow this is a deep powder ski. The Sick Day is going to best suited to the backcountry skier looking for great float while skiing bowls, trees and dropping chutes.



Volkl V-Werks KatanaVolkl V werks Katana


The Volkl V-Werks Katana is being boasted as the most technically advanced big mountain ski in the world. This adoration is boasted from Volkl’s new lightweight technology which has lightened the weight in the V-Werks 15 percent and the added carbon fiber layers and vertical sidewalls have enhanced the performance. The featherlight swingweight and thin profile ensures the V-Werks Katana will make short work of powder and soft snow while still offering a stable edge grip.


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Power Construction on the Volkl V-Werks Katana incorporates a traditional vertical sidewall and a torsion box internal layup. The meshing of these two constructions give the skis great grip, stability and an overall smooth ride.


Multi layer wood core involves many different densities of wood in the core of the V-Werks Katana; where the bindings mount Volkl used a dense ash while the rest of the ski is made up of poplar. The denser ash gives good support for where the binding is mounted and the poplar adds resilience and snap to the skis.


Volkl’s full rocker on the V-Werks Katana adds a smooth and gradual bend from the tip to the tail of the ski. This rocker matches with the sidecut and flex of the ski to give skiers added maneuverability in powder yet still allow them smooth arced turns on groomed surfaces.


For whom the ski tolls


The Volkl V-Werks Katana is considered an 80/20 ski meaning it is meant to be mostly on powder (80%) but will allow for some frontside fun (20%). With full rocker and a wide profile this ski is going to be best suited for someone that is looking to do the majority of their skiing in the backcountry and wants a ski that can charge hard and take abuse.



K2 Shreditor 120 – The Pettitor SkisK2 Shreditor Skis


The K2 Shreditor 120 is Sean Pettit’s pro model so you can expect them to really rip. Aimed at being a do it all powder ski the Shreditor is game for deep powder, natural airs and will even slay hardpack, rails and tree lines. One side note that doesn’t impact performance but is cool and worth noting is the Shreditor can come with two different colored base colorways pending the colors swapped on the base.


K2 Shreditor Base Swap


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Bi-Directional Taper allows for great control riding both forward and switch. The tip of the skis is still wider than the tail but the taper gives the skier a similar arc in the skis with more consistency.


Powder Rocker in K2 skis offers a 50/50 rocker and camber combination. The camber lives under the bindings for great edge hold while the camber in the tips and tails gives great float and a surfy feel in powder.


Twin Tech Sidewall ensures the skis are durable and will withstand all the abuse you can throw at them. Twin tech technology rolls the topsheet into the sidewall reducing the 90-degree angle prone to abuse making the skis less prone to damage.


Tapered Tip offers a lower profile and will maximize tip predictability and shifts the wide part of the contact point further back reducing tip weight which deflects snow in soft and variable conditions.


For whom the ski tolls


The K2 Shreditor or Pettitor is being boasted as one of the most versatile big mountain skis on the market and for good reason. The tech features mixed with the shape of the skis allows skiers to take this ski in the backcountry yet still have fun in the groomers or park. Great for someone that spends a majority of their time skiing big mountain but doesn’t want to switch skis for some frontside runs or park laps.



Volkl TwoVolkl Two Skis


The Volkl Two is a brand new ski to the Volkl line up and has already received adoration from Powder Mag, Skiing Mag and the Backcountry Gear Guide and Outside Mag buyers guide selection. The Volkl two is aimed at pure powder performance focusing on being playful, fast, floaty and overall just a blast in the deep snow.


Multi layer wood core just like the V-Werks which gives the Two the security of ash under the bindings and the resilience and snap of poplar throughout the rest of the ski.


Tough box construction is just what the name states, tough. Volkl takes their multi-layered wood core and wraps it in composite and fiberglass which makes it extra tough. This wrap adds snap, strength and increased screw retention to the Two.


Full rocker on the Two is the same as on the V-Werks Katana and gives the skier a gradual bend from tip to tail with a matching sidecut and flex giving skiers a full uninterrupted edge hold.


For whom the ski tolls


The Volkl Two is a high speed powder machine. Slightly wider than the V-Werks Katana the Two is going to be great for the skier that spends most if not all their time in the deep powder charging hard. With a fairly stiff design this ski will reward those that go at full speed and the shape and design will give skiers the float they desire in the deepest of pow days.




Salomon RocketteSalomon Rockette Skis


This one is for the ladies, men need not apply. The Rockette from Salomon is a full on powder skiing machine. With the lightweight honeycomb construction the Rockette is easy to ski the deeps all day without getting fatigued and tired from pushing around a heavy powder ski. The full rocker will aid in float through the loose and deep stuff meaning first tracks will be a blast with this ski.


Get techy


Honey comb tip and tail lessens the weight of the ski and makes the ski more maneuverable and playful which equates to more fun. The tip and tail of the Rockette feature this honeycomb construction and is reinforced with ABS to ensure durability as well as lightness.


Pulse pad and additional oversized pulse pad in Salomon skis is a layer of rubber which will help alleviate chatter and give a better overall ride with the skis. The oversized pulse pad helps filter vibration and helps better absorption and allows a smoother ski to snow contact.


Full twin rocker and traditional camber carve zone found in the Salomon Rockette allows for float above powder yet allows some great edge hold in the groomed and hard packed snow. The traditional camber is found in the middle of the ski for great edge hold and the rocker is found in the tip and tail for better float in deep stuff.


For whom the ski tolls


The Salomon Rockette is geared to the full on powder slaying woman yet offers enough control for taking some frontside turns when the need comes. Grab the Rockette if you are going to be spending the majority of your time slaying powder stashes and live for days where you can take fresh tracks on major snow dumps.


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