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Best Mounting Point for Powder Skis


By. Thom Phillips




I recently received a question from a visitor to in response to a video review that was posted from a fellow colleague, David Wright. Earlier this year, David had the opportunity to test the 2010 Volkl Gotama powder skis and the visitor, Tommy, had a question regarding the mounting setup of David’s bindings for the test. Here is the question that Tommy asked:


How did you mount the bindings during the test?


I have heard some saying that the tail can fell a little unsteady and also that the boot centre mark is a little bit too far back. My plan is to use that ski as my powder/all montain ski and is trying to find the best mounting point for that kind of use. Should I go for +1 from the boot centre mark?


David was unavailable to answer Tommy’s question, so I stepped in for him to help Tommy out. After responding directly to Tommy, I felt that it would be appropriate to share the information that I provided to him with everyone. Here is the information that I provided to Tommy in respect to finding the best mounting point for bindings on powder skis.


Most manufactures’ boot center marks are not the actual center of the ski. Volkl in particular has a tendency to place their boot center marks farther back than what is ideal for most people using their skis as all mountain skis.


As a general rule the best way to have your twin tips mounted is to find the “true center” of the ski and measure back from their. The easiest way to do this is to stand one ski on its tail and the other on its tip. Measure this distance (in centimeters) between the two “recommended mounting points” and split that measurement in half. Now measure that distance forward of the manufacturers recommended mounting point. This will net you the “true center” of the ski.



Now to find your ideal mounting location:


- For rails mount “true center”. This will give your skis a lot of balance.


- For park mount 2cm back from “true center”. This give you more pop off jumps.


- For 50/50 park/all-mountain mount 4cm back from “true center”. This provides a good balance of pop in the park and stability when cruising.


- For all-mountain/powder mount 6cm back from “true center”. This will allow you to weight your tips on hard pack, yet allow you tails to sink in powder.


- For powder/big mountain mount 8cm back from “true center”. This will make it difficult to get forward on hard pack, but you will float effortlessly in powder.


These are some good general guidelines. I have a pair of Sir Francis Bacons, similar ski to Gotama, which I mounted 6cm back from true center and it provides and excellent balance for hard pack/pow.


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