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Beaver Creeks Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies


By. Kevin Palmer




I have skied Beaver Creek many of times, but have never sampled their famous chocolate chip cookies. They have always eluded me. My friend that lives up there has always told how great they are, but whenever I showed up outside the Beaver Creek Chophouse at 3 I always seemed to be a little too late.


Every summer the resort holds a competition for the recipe that will be used to make the chocolate chip cookies that will be given out to guests for the season. Entries are submitted from all over the country.  It the prize of prizes in the world of chocolate chip cookies.


Today I finally got to sample the elusive cookies. WOW!!!  It was definitely worth the wait. They were perfectly baked, crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. Just the right amount of chocolate chips, with a hint of butterscotch that made for a nice surprise. This was the perfect way to end a hard day of skiing in single digit temps.


Beaver Creek Chocolate Chip Cookies

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