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Bad Snow Conditions Made Good with Buddies


January 9th, 2012



As the summer of 2011 was coming to an end, my buddy David Z and I were planning a snowboarding meet for the weekend of 12/16 – 12/18 in 2011.  Throughout the years, several of us came to know each other through posting on snowboardingforum.  I met Dave on there as well and have since hopped on board his aGNARchy snowboard blog.




As the summer came to an end, we had high hopes of superb snow conditions come the time of the meet.  After all, everyone was touting the return of La Nina.  The closer and closer we got to launch day, the more and more we realized that there would be no snow.  At last, on launch day, the forecast had all but a quarter of an inch of snowfall.  The destination mountain did however work very diligently to get their runs open with fresh man-made.  They were able to open about 5 runs and one beginner park.  Not exactly the wide-open runs through glades in the back area that we were hoping for.  To top it all off, they were blowing snow the entire weekend so we were getting blasted in the face with harsh pseudo snow.  Not a big deal as that actually got our hopes up that they would open up more runs by the last day of our shred meet.  No dice.



This trip could have been absolutely disastrous with 15 bummed out riders.  However, therein lays the beauty.  There were 15 of us, 15 riders to share the weekend of shred with.  Yes, the runs were crowded.  Yes, the runs were few.  But, we were all amongst great company.  Full days of shredding with plenty of refreshments in between and questionable bar food at night with some more… ahem… soda pop.  Not to forget to mention the fact that Ride Snowboards provided us with a fleet of 2012 Mens and Womens snowboards to demo.  That’s right; there was definitely no shortage of boards thanks to Ride Snowboards.  The fact is, even with the snowless weather, we managed to have a complete blast.  This is what snowboarding is about in my opinion.  Make due with what you have.  It’s better to ride than not ride at all, especially with good company.  This thought is especially important considering the state of the 2011/2012 winter.  Keep the shred alive guys and gals!


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