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Atomic Double Deck Construction



By Steve Kopitz




Double Deck Construction


Alpine ski companies are always trying to come out with new technology that will change the face of skiing and give them the edge  in an ever changing market.  Atomic has a new technology that is offered in an array of ski’s in their line up, this new system is called double deck technology. Double deck technology is designed to automatically adapt to your individual skiing style and also make adjustments for varying slope conditions.  Atomic is trying to make efforts to put out a smarter ski that can actually react to conditions and to specific skiers.


Atomic Double Deck


The Atomic double deck construction basically is composed of two decks or what looks like one ski on top of another ski.  The two separate skis are produced separately and joined together in the end of the process but can move freely offering a unique skiing experience. The lower deck which is considered the adaptor deck helps the ski adjust to the varying slope and snow conditions. The upper deck or the control deck helps distribute the power made by the skier for absolute perfection through every phase of the turn. Double deck technology comes in two different types labeled as D2 Vario Cut with variable sidecut and D2 Vario Flex with variable flex. Next we will dive into the differences between these two variations of the double deck technology.


D2 Vario Cut


First let us dive into the technology in the Vario Cut and find out how this works. The lower deck in this system is actually split at the tip and tail of the ski so when pressure is exerted on the ski it will actually open up through the flexible rubber connection.  This enables the radius to vary in differing skiing situations. The ski will widen in the tip and tail when more pressure is applied  thus making the radius smaller making shorter turns easier and more possible. If less pressure is applied the separation of the lower ski is reduced resulting in a larger radius for making longer turns easier.  The radius can vary from 11.5 meters to 17.5 meters offering agility and performance in ways never experienced before.


D2 Vario Flex


The second version in this new technology is the D2 Vario Flex which if you can imagine is a ski that can manage its flex at varying speeds, sounds cool doesn’t it?  Atomic has made this system to have a progressively increasing flex meaning the more pressure you put into a corner the harder the flex of the ski will be. This system gives the ski great tracking and precision in turning control even at very high speeds.  If less pressure is put on the ski through the corner the ski will offer a softer flex thus needing a minimal effort for the easiest turn initiation.  This system can benefit all skiers making shorter turns more dynamic and easier to maneuver and long turns and straight shots increasingly stable and forgiving.  All this is done by this ski automatically adapting different flex throughout the turn specific to that turn. There are 5 separate connections between the upper deck and lower deck fused together by elastomers  making for a very smooth skiing and great suspension and dampening.  All the technology makes the D2 Vario Flex excel in many conditions from hard pack, crud to powder and gives you the greatest mixture of race ski like power and all mountain type control.


The ski industry and technology will always go hand in hand, the Atomic Double Deck technology just might be the next big thing. Offering so much range in different types of skiing style and conditions these ski’s just may end your search for the ski that can do it all. The buzz on this technology is all to fun to read about and research but don’t you think it would be more fun to try it, use it and get a first hand feeling on the future. Check out the ski’s offered with this system, we stock both men’s and women’s models so nobody is left out.

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