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Adult League Ski Racing


By. Julie Kehoe




Starting from a slow rumble, the crowd hoists their glasses and shouts… BEEEEEEEEEERRRRR BREAK! A time honored tradition, the beer break officially starts the awards presentation for the adult ski racing league my ski buddies and I compete in during the winter. Adult League Ski Racing or Beer League as it is commonly called is a great way to get out of the house once a week and ski with your buddies.


Beer League racing is both a team and an individual competition. Teams are generally comprised of 4 to 6 racers. Racers are given individual times and those times are added to compile a team score. The PK Beer League has a wide range of teams competing every Tuesday night in January and February – “Chicks on Sticks” is a team of ladies in their 40s and 50s who are all about having fun; “Team Ice” is comprised of six race coaches who don full spandex suits and World Cup race gear with a ultimate goal of annihilating the competition; and “Team Old Geezer” is a bunch of guys who golf together in the summer and have been skiing together since college (1973).


Now many of you reading this are probably thinking, well that sounds fun but I haven’t raced.  Most leagues have competitive divisions for those guys on Team Ice and “handicap” divisions for the people who just want to have a fun night out skiing. The “handicap” division is generally less competitive and factors the racers scores based on a pace setters time or the racers progression over the last race.  I say it’s generally less competitive, because when you give grown men a trophy as incentive for winning things can get taken to the next level quickly.


Meet the next level


Adult League Ski Racer



Many resorts across the country have beer league racing and each resort uses slightly different rules, but the overall purpose is the same – to get out and ski. For more information about Adult League Ski Racing call your local resort. Most leagues begin in January and run for 6 to 8 weeks.

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