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There are a number of differences that exist between men's and women's ski boots, particularly when it comes to performance and fit. All ski boots are measured in a sizing system called mondo point. Mondo Point is a unisex sizing system, meaning that kids ski boots, a womens ski boots, and mens ski boots in a size 25.5 will all be approximately the same length. That being said, why should a woman use Womens Ski Boots?


Womens Ski Boots are designed to work with a womans anatomy. The lower shell or foot portion of the ski boots is designed based on a ladies foot which is typically narrower than a man’s foot of the same length. Additionally, the heel design on women's ski boots is narrower than a men's ski boot. This is done to address the anatomical differences that exist between a woman's foot and a man's. The most notable difference exists with the height of the boot. The cuff on a woman's boot is significantly lower than a man's boot and this is because of the position of the calf muscle on a woman's leg. The position of the calf muscle is lower on a woman's leg and thus having a lower cuff will create a more correct fit, and be more comfortable. Finally, the construction of the liner in a woman's ski boot is different. They are typically thicker to help keep the feet warmer, which will also play a significant role in fit and comfort. This is important to consider when you are a woman looking for a comfortable fitting ski boot.


Many women may be tempted by deals they find on men’s or kid’s ski boots online or at ski swaps. DON’T! Be strong, put down the sale ski boots and back away! If you are going to be out skiing for extended periods of time, especially at resorts with expensive lift ticket prices you want to make sure your ski boots are as warm and comfortable as possible and give you the best edge when it comes to performance. Womens ski boots are designed to provide every advantage for a woman when it comes to control, comfort, and warmth.

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