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When dressing for skiing it is important to remember to wear proper ski socks. Proper ski socks are made from synthetic or wool fibers in order to keep your feet warm and dry on the slopes. In addition to helping keep you warm on the slopes, wearing ski socks can improve the overall comfort of your ski boots. Many ski socks have additional cushioning which is placed in strategic locations on the sock to provide additional comfort. These padded zones typically include the shins and ankle which can help prevent shin bang and uncomfortable pressure points. The most comfortable boot fit can be achieved when the skier is wearing a ski sock which is the correct thickness with proper cushioning and stays in place without bunching.


Haven't you heard Cotton kills? Therefore skiers shouldn’t wear cotton socks for skiing. While you may not be hiking for lines in the far reaches of the backcountry it is still extremely important to wear appropriate technical apparel, including ski socks, while skiing. While there is a lodge to go warm up in, sometimes the effects of the cold may have already set in before you can properly counter act them. Not to mention you are wasting valuable money sitting inside drinking eight dollar hot chocolates instead of making laps getting the most out of your $85 lift ticket. Many skiers still do not realize the importance of getting the proper ski socks. When it comes to skiing, socks aren't just socks. A proper fitting ski sock in a reasonable thickness with good moisture wicking properties will make all the difference in the fit of your ski boots and overall comfort on the hill.


When it comes to kids ski socks, many parents think that doubling up ski socks is a good way to keep kids from getting cold on the ski slopes. In many cases children stay much warmer than adults do when skiing because they are usually working harder to master new skills. In the instances when a child gets cold on the slopes it is usually because they got too hot and began to sweat. When skiers sweat their long underwear and ski socks can become damp and the moisture next to the skin can make skiers very cold, very quickly. The best way to combat the cold is by wearing a single pair of ski socks. Ski socks are made from wool or synthetic fibers which wick moisture away from the skin to help keep a skiers feet dry. Wearing multiple pairs of socks is counterproductive to the properties of the sock fabric and keeps them from working properly.

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