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Kids Ski Helmets are one of the most important pieces of ski equipment for kids. A proper fitting ski helmet can protect a child’s head in the event of a crash.It is highly important to ensure that a kids ski helmet fits properly to ensure maximum safety is provided in the event of a crash.


One great way to test if a kids ski helmet fits correctly is the twist test. Once the helmet is on, fasten the chin strap and make certain everything is snug. Hold the kids ski helmet and try to roll it off the back of the head. If the skin on the forehead is being moved then the helmet fits properly. Also, twisting the helmet side-to-side should cause the head to turn, and not allow the helmet to twist on the head. If the kids ski helmet passes these simple requirements then you have found a properly fitting helmet. Many companies will also have a fine tuning system to help compensate ensure a proper fit. In most cases a dial or slide lock allows the user to loosen or tighten the carriage to fine tune the fit of the helmet.


It is also extremely import to note, that the way ski and snowboard helmet regulations are written, a kids ski helmet is designed to take a single major impact. Once the skier has a good crash the helmet should be replaced. In the most serious crashes, the inner foam or outer shell of helmet may crack. This cracking or breaking is intentional to disperse the impact to the head and brain. While it may seem expensive to replace ski helmets every year, it is good practice especially with kids ski helmets. We’re sure all parents agree that their child’s safety is worth the price of a new kids ski helmet.

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