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Most girls are extremely picky about style, so has made sure to carry a wide variety of girls ski jackets. A good mix of colors, patterns, color blocks, fits and embellishments provide every girl with a great selection including just the right girls ski jacket for them. Some girls ski jackets offer a trimmer more sophisticated look for the older girls. These ski jackets tend to offer higher quality fabrics and more features. has plenty of girls ski jackets with a youthful feel. These ski jackets often come in bright bold patterns with cute accents and sometimes even a faux fur trimmed hood. Girls ski jackets can range in size from 7-20 although not all jackets are available in all sizes. Toddler girls ski jackets can range from sizes 1 to 7 although not all jackets are available in all sizes.


It may seem that there would only be one type of girls ski jacket but there are actually three variances you will commonly find. There are insulated, shell and 3-in-1 girls ski jackets. Don’t worry if you don’t know what these are, we will cover that below.


Insulated Girls Ski Jackets- These are the most common style of girls ski jackets and work the best for most children that ski. An insulated ski jacket as the name implies is a ski jacket with built in insulation. These insulated jackets offer warmth, durability and are waterproofed to provide ample protection on the slopes.


Shell Girls Ski Jackets- Shell ski jackets offer a windproof and waterproof shell with no internal insulation. Typically used by the more demanding child skier offering more maneuverability as the shell has no internal insulation to bulk it up. On warmer days these shells can be worn with only one layer beneath and still protect from wetness and wind.


3-in-1 Girls Ski Jackets- 3-in-1 ski jackets are becoming increasingly popular as they offer girls and parents more versatility out of one jacket. A 3-in-1 jacket enlists the best of both worlds. A 3-in-1 jacket is a shell jacket with an inner liner which zips in. The inner liner provides insulation, and is typically a fleece or mid-weight puffy style jacket. When the inner liner is zipped in it is the same as an insulated ski jacket, when zipped out it simply turns into a shell. The liner can also be worn on its own to extend the life of a girls ski jacket through the calendar year.

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