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2015 Pret Cynic Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by Josh from Pret. Josh, thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me, guys.


So, today we're talking about the Cynic. A really cool helmet in the line. What is the first thing that jumps out at you with this one. I mean, Cynic has, first of them all an amazing fit but the venting on it is incredible too. You probably saw it in almost every magazine from last year. Freeskier, Powder, it was in every "best of" guide but this is sort of our mid-range, do-everything helmet. There's a women's counterpart to this as well but it has a lot of the bells and whistles, just not as many as the Effect which is our high end one but you have incredible venting, it's an in-mold system. We call it our VTT1 which is our vent tuning technology but it just moves air through amazingly well in any type of environment. If you're in spring conditions, if you're in, you know, super cold winter conditions, it works amazingly well.


And then a great fit system on this helmet too. Yeah, incredible fit system, I mean, we have our sort of dial-in, easy to dial in and out, that actually system goes down to our mid price point helmet, our Lid. Another awesome feature with the FIT is that you don't have to mess with any of the FIt system in case you want to take the ears out. If it's springtime and it's a little hot, you can just kind of take them out and they slide right out so you don't have to mess with anything in the back. Nice Velcro system. And then a real nice liner on the inside, too. Yeah, incedible liner. All of our stuff is all EcoSmart, Xtatic, so it's environmentally-friendly, it's, you know, anti- microbial and it's just moisture. You can take the inside out, you can wash it if you want to but everything is just very functional about the entire helmet. For sure.


So, there you have it. The Cynic from Pret. Really cool helmet. Check it out on and Josh, thanks for joining us. Thanks. And thank you for joining us.

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