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2015 POC Skull Orbic X and Orbic Comp Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by Jeff from POC. Jeff, thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me.


We're talking about the POC Skull Orbic X. New helmet, it was a mid-season release for 13-14 but really new for the 14-15 season race helmet. Really cool changes to this helmet from year's past. What's kind of the first thing that jumps out to you with it? Well, the Skull Series has been around for a while as one of the top race helmets around. And FIS put in some new regulations and we made a helmet to match up with that. So this is a FIS approved helmet. One of the key additional ingredients to it is this large panel on the front which on this helmet, on the Skull X, is a full expanded poly-propylene, EPP piece that's multi-impact and the idea is if a racer's hitting gates multi times this will still be able to rebound and at the end of the season, still be able to offer all the protection in a fall that's needed. Which is huge because racers probably put their helmets through more garbage all season than any other skier out there. Well the gate-bashing is really tough on helmets and that's what FIS was trying to prove to add that security to it. They say it's like 2 football NFL players hitting each other at full speed is what hitting the gate is each time so...a couple other neat new features on it, it's a little but different shape but also new ear chambers that improve hearing.


And by improving hearing it helps to improve the balance of the skier when they're at speed as well. It's full multi-impact throughout the whole helmet as well as having the big panel up on the top. For sure. And then also kind of a small feature and something that maybe goes unnoticed to a lot of people but a liner that you can take out, wash, clean, all that kind of stuff. Again, comes with 2 liners, right? This one comes with one. This comes with one. Right. The Comp comes with 2. We'll get to that in a second. But yeah, it's great. You leave it in your bag for a while and it gets pretty stinky so you can take it out and wash it and that makes it a lot nicer as well. Definitely. So, then again, I guess the natural transition moving up from there into the Orbic Comp, you're getting some extra features there. Well, the big difference is the Comp is just what it sounds like, it's the helmet that you saw in the Olympics this year. All the World Cup racers use the Comp. It too obviously is FIS approved.


The big upticks from it, it's got a full Kevlar Aramid Penetration Barrier throughout the entire helmet. It's still the EPP multi-impact but also this panel here is what we call VPD which is our Variable Elastomer Dough which is, we use it in all our pads, and it feels soft and supple when you bend it until it gets an impact and then it turns rock hard so it's one step up in protection on the front of the helmet from the gate-bashing. Perfect. And so that one again, this one now does come with 2 liners so both are washable. Right and this has the 2 liners, you can pull them out. Yeah, swap them out. Very cool. Really exciting helmets for this year for all you racers out there. The POC Skull Orbic X and the Skull Orbic Comp.


Jeff, thanks for joining us. Absolutely. And thank you for joining us on and

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