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2015 POC Fornix Communication Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by Jeff from POC. Jeff, thanks for joining us. Good to see ya.


We're talking about the Fornix Communication from POC. A really, really cool helmet in the line, new to the line for the 2014-2015 season. Taking that great Fornix shell, Fornix fit and adding some really cool features to it. What's the first thing to kind of... Well, this being called the Communication leads to one thing but, first of all, the shell itself is an in-mold super lightweight shell, easily adjustable venting on it, the front vents help clear the goggles if they fog up. The back vents act sort of like a jet so the flow is right through it. Very lightweight. Adjustable with a crank on the back. The other key is it's got an Aramid Bridge, a Kevlar bridge, that basically goes over the top, provides structural integrity during an impact. Strength. But the big thing is the Beats. For sure. Dr. Dre Beats. That's new. We've had it on a couple of our other helmets but it's new to the Fornix series which offers a little different fit but gives you the Beats by Dr. Dre which is a full communication, phone, you can use it with your phone, you can adjust the volume, change tunes on the cord or remote. Definitely. And that, the audio system on this is something that you guys have been doing. You did with the Receptor Bug last year and the audio's insane and now you're adding it to a helmet that just has such a great fit. Right. Right.


This has been one of our big sellers and by adding Beats to this, we have it in 2 different helmet shapes really so the helmet's with Beats to fit every head type. And this helmet really is a great freeride, freestyle type of helmet. Non-race oriented but super high protection value, very lightweight. For sure. And going back to the venting, just real quick too, what I really like about this is having something that you can do on the go. You know, with helmets like the Bug, you can still adjust the venting but you're taking a plug out of the inside or messing with the liner, with this, it's something truly, you're sitting on the chairlift, you can move it over, close it up. When you're skiing, when you're riding, open it up, get a little more airflow through. You can do it with your gloves on. Absolutely. Super easy. Huge fan of this helmet. Really love that we're getting it with the Communication, the Beats by Dre this year. Yeah, really exciting. Awesome.


So, there you have it. That's the POC Fornix Communication. Jeff, thanks for joining us. And thank you for joining us here on and

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