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2015 Oakley Flight Deck Goggle Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by Josh from Oakley. Josh, thanks for joining us. Appreciate you guys having me. Thank you.


So, today we're talking about a brand new goggle from Oakley, the Flight Deck. This goggle is awesome. I'm such a huge fan, I'm so excited for this. What's kind of the first thing about this that jumps out at you? It's kind of been a long time in the making. This is our new frameless goggle we just brought out this year. The amazing thing about it too is you have sort of the same strap that we did on our O2 XL which was new last year. It's our 50mm strap but the amount of vision and peripheral you're getting with this goggle is incredible. It pretty much rivals anything else out there on the market. And the other nice thing is it's super easy to change lenses out. It's really just like 4 notches that you're putting in so it comes in at a little bit less than the Airbrake price point and you're not getting the extra lens but if you're trying to change lenses on the fly, it's still super easy to put back in and out. And that's nice, I mean, having a goggle you can change and most goggles you can change the lenses but there's a little more work that goes in. You're pulling the frame apart and you gotta get real handsy with the lens and all of a sudden there's fingerprints all over it so having something that's real easy to do that maybe isn't considered a quick change goggle that's coming with extra lenses but still really easy to switch that out is huge.


And the other thing I really like with this goggle, and this is kind of a subtle feature, and Oakley's starting to incorporate it a lot more, it's actually got some notches cut out so it's not an OTG goggle if you will but it's still compatible. Exactly, yeah. I mean O2 XL, even Airbrake will all have cut outs so you can fit them over the glasses but it's not an actual OTG-specific goggle by any means so, yeah, that's definitely a nice talking point. As far as the fit, it's more of a large sort of medium face just like the Canopy so it's not for those small faces out there but definitely try it on this year because this has gotten a ton of hype especially at SIA when we brought it out. It's just going to be a huge, huge seller next year. For sure, and then the other thing it does have some outriggers on it so it still will fit with a helmet. It fits perfect with helmets, actually. It's one of the best fitting...I wore it sort of the second half of the ski season all year and it was pretty much, I didn't want to put anything else on my face. Nice.


And this is, I'm excited for this, the Flight Deck from Oakley. It's gonna be huge this year, I'm really excited. Josh, thanks for joining us. Appreciate it. Thank you for joining us on and

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