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2015 Oakley Crowbar Goggle Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by Josh from Oakley. Josh, thanks for joining us. Happy to be here.


So, today we're talking about the Crowbar. This goggle's been in Oakley's line for what seems like forever. Just kind of a tried and true goggle. What separates this from everything else? It definitely withstood the test of time. I mean, it's been out a quite a few years but it just carries a little bit more of a wider variety of skiers and snowboarders out there. We've seen a lot of women actually wearing this. Next year we have a Jamie Anderson, who won gold in Slopestyle in Olympics this year, she has a pro-model and it's just a really good fitting goggle.


You're getting all the same features that a lot of our goggles have. You have triple action foam, you're getting the F3 anti-fog coating but it fits great with helmets, it's at a nice price point to and it's just one of those ones that keeps on going. For sure, and the outriggers, I mean this was kind of what introduced the outriggers to the world was the Crowbar and now you're seeing them all over the place. And just fits so great with a helmet, I mean, you still wear it with a beanie if you want but with how big helmets are becoming in the skiing and snowboarding world, this helmet, or this goggle fits just perfectly with helmets. Yeah, it's going to be definitely one of the ones that we're kind of crossing over genders this year, having a few more women's models and colorways that we're doing so... Yeah, which is huge, I mean we've started to see it a lot with the A-Frame in the past couple years and now you're seeing it a lot more in the Crowbar too and so really a goggle, you know, fit anybody almost. Yeah, guys, kids that are coming up off of junior goggles, works great for those type of kids, young teenagers, but it fits adult faces really good. I wear it sometimes even. It's just sort of that universal one that is just going to keep on going. For sure.


So, there you have it, the Crowbar from Oakley. Kind of tried and true. Check it out on and Josh, thanks for joining us. Thank you. And thank you for joining us.

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