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2015 Oakley Canopy Goggle Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by Josh from Oakley. Josh, thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me.


So, today we're talking about the Canopy. This goggle's really cool. It's a little bit larger of a fit and the vision on this goggle, the view on this goggle is insane. Huge peripherals on it. Again, just like Flight Deck you are getting the cut outs inside to actually do OTG or over the glasses so if you wear glasses you don't have to have a specific OTG goggle. Which is really cool. As a guy with glasses, I really like the fact that I can get a, you know, what is considered maybe a normal goggle or you don't have to get that OTG specific goggle. Those things, a lot of the times, aren't the greatest looking goggles in the world and you can only get them in black and gray and that's the end of it. Right, and with that, I mean, you're getting huge peripheral vision, you're getting this air flow nose piece that we have - O Flow - so it's almost bringing your nose back a little bit, almost like a Breathe-Right strip so you're getting a lot better flow of air, you're not getting pinched off even if you're kind of sagging the goggles a little bit lower.


Guys are starting to wear their goggles underneath helmets so they kind of start to get a little bit low on the face so it's a really comfortable goggle. Fits great with helmets and, yeah, it's just a third year for this one. Definitely. I was going to say, I wear a helmet, I have this goggle and it fits for, especially for what is a larger fitting goggle it fits really, really great for helmets. Yeah, definitely. I mean the outriggers is just very well designed and, yeah, it's been definitely a big seller for us. For sure, the Canopy is huge. I'm a huge fan of this, I got on it, you know, started using it for the first time last year and absolutely in love with this goggle. Huge fan.


You should definitely check it out on and Josh, thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me again. I appreciate it. Thank you for joining us.

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