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2015 Nordica Patron Team Kids Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by John Kerkoff from Nordica Ski Boots. How's it going, John? Good. Thanks.


And today we have the Nordica Patron Team. Just an exceptional kid's boot. You want to give us a little bit of a run down on this guy? Yeah, Patron as in the boss. I mean, if you're that 8, 10, 12 year old kid, this is the boss boot for you. Skis with mom and dad, you know, if we're lucky they still ski with us, they may be leaving us in the dust. This is what I'm dealing with at home but it's a boot born off the Dobermann chassis so we know it's super quick, really precise but it's kid-spec-ed. So, it comes with a junior cuff so it's got that nice, low profile for shorter legs. Yeah, and it actually bends which is crazy and one of the things we really challenge ourselves is if you lose cuff height, you also lose lever over a boot and Nordica nailed it with this boot making this boot articulate and flex really nice for that kid.


So, it's going to take that kid who's been in your kind of standard junior rental type ski equipment and give them a boot that really performs like a true ski boot or a performance adult skier. Yeah, they've stepped up. They've got either a better all-mountain or twin tip ski, maybe they got a race ski. This Nordica Patron, it goes from sizes 19.5 to 27.5 so even you and I can ski in this boot if we were that lucky we would have when we were 10, 12 years old but just a rippin' boot to find whether you're skiing the glades, the steeps, you know, the pow, whatever, this is the boot to get it done for that guy. And then just for great fit and closure, we have some steel buckles and a powerstrap up top as well. Yeah, it does. Fully Adjustable, you know, throughout. It's got micro-adjust throughout. You've even got the ability to macro catch it if you've got a larger or lower leg shape. This is a real deal ski boot for that guy.


So, if you're kid's out there and they're really starting to charge and step up their game and wants to become a truly proficient skier, definitely stop by, check out the Patron Junior. Thanks for joining us.

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