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2015 Nordica NXT N3 and N2 Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by John from Nordica Boots. How's it going, John? Good, man. Thanks.


Today we have the NXT Women's Series from Nordica. It's a brand new series for this year. Super feature rich, just fantastic boots. You want to tell us a little bit about these? Yeah, this one's dropping next from Nordica right now. We have great history with this last and this shape of boots at 102. It's the all-around fit for that skier that will go anywhere, do anything. So, you're just looking for that good, performance boot that still got that comfortable overall feel. Yeah, it's one of those things that's always tough to marry performance and comfort and Nordica nailed it. All the magazine testers, everybody that's been in this boot said 'wow, that is a home run'.


Okay, so what you have there is the N3W. Yep. Want to tell us a little bit specifically about that guy? Yeah, just starting from the base coming all the way up it does have a cant-able sole kit so if you have alignment issues beyond just cuff alignment, you can totally nail it, it's a dual density so you have a little better grip. So you're not going to slip getting to and from the ski lifts. And then we've also got 4 fully micro adjustable aluminum buckles on this guy so great customization, great buckle durability and then there's also a really unique feature on the back of the boot, the ACP. Yeah, this thing's fully loaded like you said. Full aluminum hardware, totally customizable, even things like an easy macro catch so you can really adjust to the shape of your leg but should that not give you enough, we can actually go to the back of the boot, and with one easy switch right at home with a quick allen wrench, you can adjust this to any leg shape which is really cool. What Nordica found and working with our testers was, you know, people that are too forward, too aft are working way harder than need to be. So, with this patented adjustable cuff profile, you can precisely dial yourself in just the stance to have fresh legs all day long. That's awesome, so not only are you getting more comfort, you're getting more performance and more control out of it too.


Absolutely. And then one truly awesome thing that you guys did for the ladies in these boots was you added PrimaLoft to the liners. Yeah, I knew you were going there. Super plush liners. But we wanted even more. You know, skiing with my wife every day, she's got boot heaters, she still gets cold in those Arctic winters that we have on occasion is we partnered with PrimaLoft and when you do it, you got it do it right, and so PrimaLoft gave us the double thumbs up on this one that it's going to be warmer, it's going to be drier and it's going to be softer and so this entire series, for the NXT series and what's dropping next for Noridca has PrimaLoft built right into it. So, not only have you taken that performance all- mountain boot, you've now made it one of the most comfortable options out there. Yeah. Super plush. So, the N3W, this is going to be kind of your intermediate cruiser lady? I'd give her all that and more. You know, for sure, with the flex indexes that we're throwing on this boot, you actually going to see this gal can cruise the blues all day long but she will rip through the blacks as well and she'll make it happen on this boot. Awesome.


And then stepping up, you go up to the N2W so you get a little bit stiffer boot here. Yep. You actually will go up a grade of plastics as well so the boot overall is going to be more resilient. You get a more responsive liner with our Total Custom Fit Liner there. And then the big thing is you just get a little more flex index so, boys if we're lucky, she'll be waiting for us at the bottom otherwise she's going to be lapping you. That gal can rip. And then for those hard charging ladies, this one also comes with a fully-pinned cuff which is that true kind of race style, high-performance construction. Yeah, you can actually do a couple things which is neat. You can actually remove the pin in the back and you can put a urethane plug in and it gives the boot more progressive flex or, if you leave it in, the boot has more response, more power, better snap and drive through that turn. And then this still retains all the cool customization as well as that nice, plush PrimaLoft Liner. Yep, fully customizable just like this one and it still gets PrimaLoft. So then really what we're looking at here is that step-up skier, that truly advanced kind of charging lady skier who's looking for that, not that necessarily that race fit but a good, comfortable, all day boot. You know, she wants it and she actually deserves it - the best of both worlds. Performance and comfort and it's married into the NXT series. Fantastic.


Well you can check out both the NXT N3W and N2W at Thanks for joining us on Ski Talk.


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