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2015 Nordica NXT N3 and N2 Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by John Kerkoff from Nordica Ski Boots. How's it going, John? Good, man. Thanks.


Today we have the NXT Series from Nordica. These really cool new boots completely new shape for this season. Tons of features and just tons of performance offered here. What John's got on his lap is the N3. You want to tell us a little bit about that? Yeah, it's what's dropping next from Nordica. You know, it's 102mm last so it's that perfect balance between performance and comfort which is often a challenge to find that skier who is really looking for the best of both worlds. That 102 last has actually what's called a Weather Shield so it's going to keep you warm and dry but it's also going to match the shape of a lot of different people. And it's also got something you stole from your freestyle series of boots - the elevated toe. Yeah, a long time ago we started working with the neoprene toe box so it's very sock-like in terms of the way it first fits, but then we found like a skate shoe, if we box cut that toe, it literally is the perfect balance of out-of-the-box fit, just wraps your foot right off the box. So you get all the performance of that 102 last but then you get that nice relaxed comfortable toe feel. Yeah, for sure. Awesome.


And then with this boot we have a lot of customization as well. All 4 micro adjustable buckles that are all articulated so they really shape up to your foot, and then, one thing that I really like is the ACP in the back of the boot. Yeah, it does. You know, we're always talking about customization so for sure at this price point you're going to see a fully customized heat moldable at one level or another but beyond that we also need to incorporate that adjustable cuff which gives that skier the right balance so if you've got a longer, taller, leaner leg or if you're the guy, I mean, this boot comes up to a size 32.5, so if you're a bigger dude and you want more precision, it actually gives you the best balance and stance, you know, how far forward or aft and not just totally drilling your legs at the end of the day, you can really set yourself up just the turn of a switch. And then to really fine tune this answer so just about any skier in the world who use the N3 well these also have cant-able soles, right? They do. So, clearly an alignment device on the cuff but then Nordica's incorporated a dual density sole that is plus or minus variance in terms of getting the right stance so, again, we can really glide, really find the nice axis to the edge of the turn.


Awesome, so what type of skier is the N3 for? Good. Solid. You know, we're done with the blues, we're moving on, we're starting to experience the blacks, we're getting into the glades and things like that you know, the perfect balance, like I said earlier, of performance and comfort. Loves to ski but it's not their only obsession in life. Perfect, so it's for your guy who's really starting to get into the sport heavily and an adventurous skier. Yeah. Absolutely. From the N3 we jump up to the N2 which I've got. N2 we get a little bit higher grade plastic, a little stiffer boot? Yeah, and a killer graphic on that thing. That thing looks like a million bucks. So, a step up in plastic get a better wrap, better support, better response. Another step up in liner, a little bit better density, more precision which is cool. And then the back of that boot we've even pinned the cuff and by pinning that cuff, just like the gas pedal on your Ferrari, it's going to have a much better response on and off the energy to the ski which is what it's all about. Yeah, so for your high performance guy, that's a real key feature. For me it's one thing I always look for in a boot. It gives you just that true responsive snappy feel of the boot.


Yeah so again if you're a comfort level skier but you want pure performance, the NXT is where to grab it. Fantastic. So, that's been the NXT Series. You can check out the NXT N3 and N2 on Thanks for joining us.


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