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2015 Nordica NRGy Pro 3, 2, and 1 Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by John Kerkoff from Nordica Boots. How's it going, John? Oh, right on, man. Great.


So, today we have a really cool new series of boots from Nordica, these are the NRGy Pro Boots. There's 3 different models in the NRGy Pro line and John's got the 3. Yep. Do you want to tell us a little bit about that guy? Yeah, we've got the 3, the 2 and the 1 and this is pure performance. For many of us that have come out of more of a race chassis boot, we've been looking for that next boot that gives us more of an all-mountain fit and I gotta tell you, Nordica nailed it. 100mm last. Super-pinned in terms of just the way the boot performs and transfers energy. It's high performance. And to take that high performance and give it that all-mountain flair, you guys have gone and done the Elevated Toe Box. Yeah, you know, and that's one of those 2 things that just really battle is performance and comfort. You know, like your favorite pair of running shoes, what Nordica did is we put a neoprene toe box in here so it's more elastic so you get a natural fit and then a box cut toe kind of like a skate-shoe that gives you more of an open, immediate response just like your foot in the boot. Little bit more height in the toe is a little bit more comfort. Yeah, it is. For sure. And at 100mm last this thing fits a lot of different foot shapes.


The thing that excites me the absolute most about the new NRGy series is the custom cork liners. Born from the World Cup, cork has a long pedigree and a long history and the cool thing is it's a great insulate because it's super dense. It's a custom cork in the way it was laid up that it will mold to the shape of your foot just over time and heat or custom done but the amazing thing is the way it responds to energy. It delivers it all to the edge of your ski just really quick. So, not only do you get that great customization, we're just taking a boot that's already responsive based on how it's made and we're adding more response. Absolutely. You've got just a great powerful, all-mountain boot here. Yep. And then just to kind of round it out, you've got the nice 4 aluminum micro adjustable buckles and then this also has cant-able soles. Yeah, you almost assume at this point if it says Nordica on it it's going to have the best hardware and we've gone over the top to do that. Even the lateral cuff adjustments are all metal. Everything on here is bootfitter-friendly, it's all screw-riveted right on the boot but then like you said, cant-able sole, dual-density on the bottom just to give that skier the perfect stance on their skis which is critical for this guy. Fantastic.


So, the NRGy Pro 3, who, what kind of skier is going to be using this boot? Rips, dude. Straight up rips. You've got a pin cuff in the back that is adjustable from 1 to 0 studs. You can pop that out if you want to a little softer, a little more progressive flexing boot with less response you can do that. But you're a solid skier, you know, classic red-black Nordica just showing it's...stood the test of time. All-mountain skier that's a hard-charger. Fantastic. And then from the 3 we go up to the Pro 2. Yep, Pro 2's gonna step up the next level of response, a stiffer boot, a more responsive liner with that custom cork set up as well. And you were saying all of those great fit and function that the 3 had just in a more responsive package. Yes, same old, same last so it still even has that weather shield so if you're someone that likes to do short boot backs, ski some pow or if you got out there in the spring and hit the corn where your feet are typically soaked at the end of the day, this series is going to assure a more dry environment at the end of the day.


Fantastic. And then from the 2 we jump up to the 3 which I have got here in this awesome green color. We go again a little bit stiffer plastic here, a little bit more responsive boot. And then this one also gets the double-pin cuff for just that super, super hard charge expert level skier, right? Yeah, that's a 130 flex. There's pro skiers skiing in that level of flex boot, there's World Cup skiers in a 130 flex and if you just don't have the frame or the power to drive it, you can pull the studs out, it's fully customizable, you know, again, bootfitter-friendly with everything be screwed and T-riveted right on there, it's really adaptable. It's even got a really cool Servo Level strap on there so it gives you the best closure and wrap, even that's adjustable so we're talking a highly customizable boot and it's a $100 less than everything else in the marketplace that competes against it. So, this really is your no-compromises, no corners are cut, ultimate performance boot. It's the boot you'll find me in. It's the boot I've been looking for for a long time. It's, you know, that one-off, all-mountain fit that still skis like a plugged chassis boot and that's it, straight up. Fantastic.


So, whether you're looking for the NRGy Pro 3, 2 or 1, you can check them out at Thanks for joining us.


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