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2015 Nordica Cruise 80 Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by John from Nordica. How's it going, John? Right on. Thanks. So, today we have the Nordica Cruise 80.


Do you want to tell us a little bit about this boot? Yeah, it's a great boot. You know, the name kind of hits it. It's for the target skier that wants to cruise around. Some cool things that Nordica did to make this boot actually help that skier get to the next tier was something called the Natural Foot Stance and the Natural Foot Stance gives that person a bit of an abducted angle on their boots, it just makes it easier to hold the edge, find the edge and finish the turn with less effort so very cool technology. So, it takes that cruiser skier and it gives them a little more confidence, a little more control. Absolutely. And then this guy also has the heat moldable liner in it, right? It does. Yep. So, just over time it will adapt to your foot or you can have it customized to fit like your favorite pair of shoes. Cool.



And then also to add to the customization, it's all four micro adjustable buckles so you can fine tune it how it's holding your foot in place, right? Yeah, for the price, this boot is fully featured, you know, all aluminum hardware that's completely micro adjustable. Even at the top, you know, if you got some larger or smaller leg shapes you can customize that and then one of my favorite things on the back of the boot, something called the Adjustable Cuff Profile, that allows you to stance the boot per your leg shape so if you've got a leaner leg give it a crank forward, if you've got a fuller lower leg shape you can actually open it up so you have the ideal stance on a pair of ski boots to give you a better ride on the mountain. Awesome. So, it just really offers a whole lot of customization for your sport recreational skier. Yeah, and at a 104mm last, this boot is a little bit fuller cut so it's going to be more relaxed again like your favorite pair of slippers. Awesome.



So, our target skier here is really your guy just looking at to go out, cruise some blues and greens, probably not a skier who's going to push it super hard. Yeah, they love skiing, it's part of their DNA but it's not their only thing in life so, yeah, they like to cruise, they want to cruise the blues for sure, they're replacing an older pair of boots or just stepping it up and for an 80 flex it's a real deal boot. Awesome. So, if you're looking for a lot of comfort, some solid performance and a lot of customization, check out the Nordica Cruise 80. Thanks for joining us on Ski Talk.


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