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2015 Nordica Cruise 60 Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by John Kerkoff from Nordica today. How's it going, Jeff? Good, thanks. And what we have today is the Cruise 60 from Nordica.


This is a great, kind of, entry-level boot. You want to tell us a little bit about this guy? Yeah. Cruise is part of a family of boots, an awesome family, it really relaxes. Favorite as your favorite pair of skate shoes. Couple of cool technologies, one is called Natural Foot Stance and Natural Foot Stance is where we actually abduct the person stance like it would be on a wakeboard or a skateboard just to give you more balance. It actually is proven to be easier access to the edge and finding easier turn completion too so it actually takes some of the work right out of it. So just comfortable, more natural, makes skiing easier. That's always a good thing. And this guy also has a heat moldable liner in it, right? It does. For $199 that is a killer deal. It has a heat moldable liner that will adapt to the shape of your foot over the course of time or you can have it customized. Very cool. So you got all the comfort in a boot that's still, well, it's not a performance boot, it's still going to ski really well for an entry-level skier. It is.


Really the goal of this is to get that person out of the rental, out of their old boots, into a new boot for a killer value with a lot of cool stuff like, you know, all-aluminum hardware that's shaped and articulated so it can wrap to your foot. Micro adjustable where it needs to be to give you the most precise fit. Frankly it's a 104mm last so back to the skate-shoe reference, this thing is super cush and really comfortable. So, your ideal skier here is going to be maybe, as you said, somebody that's just getting out of rentals, maybe a junior skier that's finally upgrading out of youth equipment... Yeah. ...but just your casual, recreational skier? Yep. I always joke that the name kind of hits the target right on the head. Cruise. Like cruise the mountain, you're out there for the sport of it, for the social of it but, again, looking for maximum comfort is the target of this skier. Perfect. Well, that sums it up, that is the Cruise 60 in a nutshell. Thanks for joining us.

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