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2015 Leki Stealth and Spitfire Ski Pole Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by Ray from Leki Poles. How's it going? I'm good. How are you doing today? Pretty good.


So, today we're going to talk about the Stealth and the Spitfire from Leki. Really great poles here. First of all they start with the Trigger S System. Right. Right. Leki's known for a lot of unique things but one of the most unique features that we have is our grip system and it is truly a system, kind of like a ski binding on a ski that's releasable. The Trigger System, you push a button on the top of the pole and the strap releases like that so if you were to ski down to your chairlift, you can pop out of your strap, get on your chairlift comfortably, you can work with, you know, if you're working with kids on the hills, working with people and you need your hands free, you can get out of the poles that easy. The strap then pops right back in and you're ready to ski. And not only is it easy entry and exit but with the Trigger S System, it actually will release in higher impact fall. Right. If you take a bad fall or your pole gets stuck in a tree or whatever else, you know, as your skiing along, the grip can actually release. So, it's a true safety feature.


And it's the only pole of its kind. Absolutely. Nothing else in the industry releases like this. So, with the Stealth and Spitfire we go to a nice high-tensile strength aluminum shaft so they're still super lightweight, still super durable. Right, well the HTS Shaft, they're really stiff, super lightweight, very responsive. Also our high-tensile strength shafts, the 6.5 shafts are 2 year warranty shafts. Which is pretty impressive for a pair of poles. And one thing that I really love about these poles is they actually do come with 2 baskets and it's a thread-on, thread-off system so it comes with a stock, just kind of, hard snow basket and then this nice bright green one which is your powder basket as well. Right. Right. On top of that, as long as we're down at that end of the pole, we also come with a carbide ice tip so the best grip on the market. Busting through crud no matter how icy it is. Exactly. So, if you're just looking for a great durable aluminum pole with tons of safety and tons of performance you should definitely stop by, check out both the Stealth and the Spitfire. Thanks for joining us.

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