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2015 Leki Carbon 14 Trigger S Ski Pole Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and today I'm joined by Ray from Leki Poles. How's it going, Ray? Great, Thom. How ya doing today? Pretty good.


Today we're going to share a little bit about the Carbon 14 S which is really one of the Leki's flagship poles. Starting with the Trigger S System. Right, the Carbon 14 S has got our Trigger S system which is the releasable pole and strap system. It's virtually like a ski binding system. If you take a bad fall, you know, trying to get in and out, on and off chairlifts and things like that, you can actually release the strap and get out of the pole. If you do take, like I say, a bad fall, you can actually release from the pole.


And then one of the really cool things about the Trigger System, like the glove you have on your knee there, Leki actually makes some gloves with that whole strap and loop integrated right into the gloves. Exactly. We give you the strap with every pair of poles but you can also buy a Leki glove and in the Leki glove you have the strap, you have the loop and the loop is actually a piece of parachute cord and that's incorporated into a strap that is integrated into this glove so this is not just a glove that has a loop on it, there's a strap built fully into this glove so it's just like having the strap on your hand.


So, with that awesome Trigger System that is offered with the Carbon 14, you're also getting one of the absolute lightest weight and most durable carbon shafts out there. Yes, unless I've been lied to that is the lightest,'s a special woven carbon shaft built by Leki. It's the stiffest, lightest shaft in the industry. And then just to top the whole thing off, you guys have gone and thrown on a carbide ice tip. Yep. So, the best, gnarliest tip for ice and snow or for breaking through any crud that's out there. Fantastic. So, if you're looking for the absolute premium and full performance and integration, you should definitely check out the Leki Carbon 14 S over at Thanks for joining us.

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