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2015 Head Adapt Edge 90 and 100 Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined today by Tom Furman from Head Skis. How's it going, Tom? Great, Thom, how are you? Pretty good. We're going to talk about the Adapt Edge women's series boots from Head.


These are really unique boots. They have a lot of features that you can use to customize and sort of tailor the boot to your exact foot and leg shape. Do you want to tell us a little bit about this? This is the Adapt Edge 90 we have with us. Sure. So, with the Adapt Edge 90, as Thom said, with the Adapt name in the boot, the boot adapts to your foot. There's a mechanism on the bottom of the boot that actually will adjust the size of the boot or the last of the boot to 2mm to fit your foot if it's wider or narrower in the foot. You also have a super macro-adjustable buckle up on top here to make the upper calf either a little bit larger or a little bit smaller to fit the different calf sizes out there. Then you jump into a full perfect fit liner that is fully customizable and heat moldable with a fleece liner on the inside, give you a little bit more warmth for the women out there.


You also have 2 power buckles up on top to really crank down the two top buckles on this boot if you really want it to cinch around your foot. And you also do have an adjust flex on the back to give the boot a little bit stiffer or softer flex if you adjust for that. And then a little bit softer walk mechanism on the bottom to give you a little bit better walking feature on it. And not only with all those awesome customizations that you can do to the boot, it's also got the easy entry system on this, right? Yep, yep. So, we do a little bit different in the plastics in the boot to make it easy for the foot to slide in and out even in those super cold days out there, your foot will slide in easy slide out easy, you won't get any of that pinch or any of that bite out there. So what you're left with is a great boot for an intermediate skier that can truly be tailored to their foot and leg shape. Correct. Yep. Perfectly.


Cool, and then from here, the Adapt Edge we go up to the 100 and then you get 1 extra cool feature here in the 100. Not only is it a stiffer, more performance-oriented boot, but you also get the Spine-Tech Buckles. Yep, so with the Spine Tech Buckles we brought this out a couple years ago and we, it's a little bit different when you see the buckle, it molds around the foot more natural when your foot is wrapped in the boot. So, it wraps around the foot a little bit easier, gives you no more hot spots and pressure points on the boot, it gives your just a little bit more of that customizable fit that you have out there, and with all the buckles being fully macro adjustable, you can customize it any way you want. Perfect, so stepping up from the 90 you get that awesome Spine Tech which only helps you dial the fit in even better and a little bit more performance. We're going to look to the high-end intermediate through solid advanced female skier? Yep, for sure. Right in that area. Perfect.


So, if you're looking for a customizable all-mountain boot and you're just looking to get out and have a great time on the hill you should certainly check out the Adapt Edge Boots. Thanks for joining us.

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