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2015 Head Adapt Edge 90, 100, and 110 Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by Tom Furman from Head Skis. How's it going Tom? It's going great today, Thom. How are you? Pretty good. So, today we're going to talk about the Adapt Edge series of boots from Head.


A lot of technology packed into these boots and they're really feature-rich so do you want to, kind of, share a little bit about these with us? Sure. So, the Adapt Edge boot is what we've done is as it is Adapt, it adapts to your foot so the boot actually will expand in the forefoot of the boot to 2mm wider so you can actually expand the boot if you have a narrow foot or a wider foot to help you get that nice custom fit on the boot. Along with that you also have your easy entry upper cuff on the boot, makes it nice and easy to get into. Easy plastic to fold away. It doesn't get all hard and hard in the snow when it's colder out. Slide your foot nice and easy in there and also we have a Perfect Fit Liner on the boot. The liner itself is fully customizable so with the Adapt Fit and the customized liner you actually can mold the boot specifically to your foot and how it's going to fit best for you.


And then here we also have that super macro buckle on the cuff to fit those hard to fit calves so we've got a lot of adjustability in this boot. Yeah, your super micro buckle up on top, slide back and forth, if you need a little bit more room or a little less room you can fully adjust it back and forth. And then also you have 2 power buckles up on top here that give you a little extra leverage to crank down on that boot if you want the boot really tight up around your upper calf and stuff like that. So, you're just given tons of features to make sure you get a good, customized fit and a boot that's super easy to use. Correct, yep. Super easy. So, this is the Adapt Edge 90 and this boot is really going to be more geared for your kind of intermediate through mid-level advanced skier or maybe a little lighter weight advanced skier. Yep, for sure.


Cool, so from the Adapt Edge 90 we also go up to the Adapt Edge 100 which your big kind of step up here is with the Spine Tech buckles. Correct. Yep. So, do you want to explain those a little bit. So with Spine Tech Buckles, it's a little bit different buckle than you see on other boots out there. It grabs the clasp a little bit differently and it shapes around the foot a little bit easier because it actually, it's formed around the arches of the foot and the curvature of the boot so when you clamp it down there's no dead spots or soft spots, it actually clamps around the foot a lot more universal, it gives you a better fit around the foot. Fewer pressure points, better fit all-in all. And then you're stepping up to a 100 flex boot here. Yes. You still get all of the cool features that the Adapt Edge 90 had but you get that little bit more powerful boot and the better buckles. Correct. So, we're going more your heavier weight intermediate skier through your solid advanced skier with this? Yes. For sure. Perfect.


And then from the 100 we jump up to the 110 which is the top end of the Adapt Edge series. Correct. you retain those cool Spine Tech Buckles. Yep, all the same features in the 90 and the 100, come up to the 110 flex boot with the Spine Tech, all the same features in the liner, same features in the power buckles, the same perfect fit liner that you have in all the other boots. Just a little bit stiffer of a boot for that more performance skier out there. So, this is really going to be your comfortable boot for that advanced to expert skier who's not looking for the race fit but still wants a lot of performance. Correct, yep. For sure. Perfect. Well that's been the Adapt Edge Series of boots. Thanks for joining us.