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2015 Giro Surface S Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by John from Giro. John, thanks for joining us. Oh, for sure.


So, today we're talking about the Surface S from Giro. Cool helmet, kind of a skate-inspired helmet almost with the brim... Yeah. ...kind of that hard shell technology. What's kind of the biggest thing that jumps out at you with this one? Ya know, whether you're hiking urban, ya know, after the scene shuts off or if you're in the park hitting the mainline or whatever...hard shell and hard shell gives a couple big benefits; one is it's crazy durable, it also makes sure that it's economical. You can afford it without having to skip lunch the next day so the Surface S is a hard shell ABS helmet that does have that EPS liner so you still get great performance protection all wrapped up under a $100. And then also a cool fit system to help kind of dial it in if you will. Yeah, Giro's got a bunch of different fit systems and a couple cool things in this one Just literally the In Form Fit System gives you 360 degrees of quick wrap, it's also vertically adjustable so if you're running a bigger goggle like the Blok, you can actually vertically tune this and any Giro helmet with a fit system.


But the other cool thing, we see a lot of guys rolling, you know, with a beanie under it, you can peel the neck roll out, the fit system out, even the ear pads all come out and still leave this thing wrapped on your head. For sure and that vertical tuning on the helmets, I mean, it's something that gets missed. It's a really easy feature to miss and such an incredibly cool feature to really be able to dial, I mean, get that helmet to sit where it needs to sit on your head and do what it's supposed to do. Yeah, before you let yourself roll out the door with a goggle gap or a big nose press, you just have to literally reach back here, you pop it out, like you snap basket on your favorite hat, and then it's got just a vertical adjustment, you like pick-pick, and right back in and you're ready to go. For sure, and then also some nice venting on this helmet. Yeah, I can say that if you're hiking to earn your turns or even just it's rolling spring temps out, it's got Giro's proven venting system with super cool vents that allow excess heat to port out from the top of the helmet which is nice and even a couple in the back as well. For sure, and then a nice feature with this too and really almost all the Giro helmets is it's audio compatible. It doesn't come with it but you can get the drop ins and, you know, play your music all day. Yeah, Audio Drops from Giro just roll right in there.


If you got something else after-market, you just pull the pad out, you drop it in and you've got your big 40 mil drivers, you know, rolling your beats all day long. Definitely. So, there you have it, the Surface S. Cool helmet, you know, whether you're doing laps in the park, you're hiking urban like you said, just a good helmet, a cool looking helmet. Yeah, all around. Thanks for joining us, John. And thank you for joining us on and

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