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2015 Giro Nine Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey I'm Rob from and joined today by John from Giro. John, thanks for joining us. Oh, absolutely.


Talking about the Giro Nine. Great helmet. Best-selling helmet and totally redone for this year. Yeah, there's literally a legacy behind the Nine, it's been around for over a decade in one evolution or another. Gotta say that this is probably the best Nine that Giro's ever threw down for sure. Yeah, it really is and the new shape of the helmet, the new design, looks phenomenal. It really does. In-mold technology so it's crazy lightweight. It perfectly marries, you know, performance and comfort together, you know, giving you that in-mold set up so it is lightweight but has that full EPS liner so it's going to absorb any, god forbid, negative impacts.


For sure, and then the In Form Tuning System fits great. It really does and what's nice about it is, you know, regardless of how much hair you have or don't have, it actually will give you the perfect wrap of your head shape all the way around and what many people forget is with every Giro fit system it's vertically adjustable so if you've got a small or larger goggle, small or larger face shape, whether you bought the small of the extra large, this allows you to vertically tune the helmet just in a matter of seconds by popping in here, snapping it out and then it's got a snap basket and you just plug it back in to vertically adjust the helmet and kill your goggle gap that might occur. For sure, and that's, I mean, the amount of adjusting that you can do on such a moderately priced is just insane. It's so much. You can get this helmet to fit the same way you're going get $180 or $200 helmet to fit. Yep, yep. And liner's going to be a little bit different but one of the other nice things too is you can adjust the internal environment thermostat. You know, it's got Stack Vent up at the front so it's going to pull that excess moisture out of your goggles and give you more of a better visual throughout the day but then with Thermostat Control, first time we've ever incorporated that with the Super Cool Vents cold day, warm day, moderate day, hustling with the kids, that will really allows you to dial that in and that's the first time at this price-point Giro's ever been able to incorporate that so that is huge. That's so great.


And then, in this helmet also available up to an XL so, I mean, really fits for anybody. Fits for someone with a really small head or someone with a giant head like our ski buyer, he has a really big head and he has to minimum XL. Yeah, for sure. So, really cool. So many features on this helmet. So much bang for the buck in the Nine. Absolutely love this helmet. Kills it for Giro. John, thank you for joining us. Absolutely. And thank you for joining us on and

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