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2015 Giro Era Womens Helmet Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and joined today by John from Giro. John, thanks for joining us. Oh, hello.


So, today we're talking about the Era from Giro. Really cool women's helmet, completely redesigned, brand new helmet for this year. Yeah, for sure, it is. New lines, new shape and one of the design principles that Giro uses is called Super Fit Engineering, and when they do that, they also want to make sure it's super low profile with not minimizing the protection or performance of the the helmet and the Era stepped up and nailed that one. Yeah, it's such a great looking helmet and then so many adjustments to really dial in the fit on this helmet. Yeah, you know patented and proven over the course of history is Giro's In-Form Fit System that is really clean. Mitten, glove, bare-handed, whatever, it's super nice and precise to adjust that but, you know, if she's got a little bit, you know, larger or smaller goggle on her face as well, we got to make sure that we can articulate and really dial that in so Giro also has Vertical Tuning in all of our helmets in that Fit System so literally in a matter of seconds you just pop this out, boom-snap-snap, pop it back in and you can customize it to the shape of your face too which is nice. Which is huge because nobody wants to have that gaper gap. No, brain freeze everything. Yeah, you want the helmet sitting where it's supposed to and doing the job that it's supposed to do. Absolutely.


And then also being able to control the climate inside of the helmet. Yeah, and that starts right up front. Giro created something called the Stack Vent and the Stack Vent pulls moisture out of your goggle, literally sucks it out of the goggle, and dissipates it through the helmet, can port it out the back and all these Super Cool Vents, for the first time ever, are now adjustable with our Thermostat Control on top. For $100, it just doesn't get any better than this and the attention to detail that you see on this helmet, it is really richly-featured. It really is and Giro does it across the board on their women's helmets. The details that they put on their women's helmet are just incredible and they fit. Just really nice looking helmets which is always nice to have a safety item that actually, you know, you want to wear. No, for sure. It's super plush. It's like your most luxury car that you can find out there on the lot. Really plush, you know, treated features inside, silked in the back so it doesn't catch on hair, things like that. Yeah, probably the best, best Era that we've ever built for this price-point. For sure.


So there you have it, the Era from Giro. So much bang for the buck for, you know, a women's specific helmet. John, thanks for joining us. Thank you for joining us on and

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