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2015 Giro Compass Goggle Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey, I'm Rob from and I'm joined today by John from Giro. John, thanks for joining us. Oh, for sure, man.


So, today we're talking about a brand new goggle for Giro, super cool goggle, the Compass. I'm a huge fan of the Onset. Huge fan. Got it on my face and just never looked back and this is now building off of that but for kind of a new customer. Yeah, it is, for sure. You know it's funny. There's tons of converts that have come over to Giro, not just for the optics story but largely because of what we call EXV and EXV is our Expansion View Technology. It gives the biggest field of view you could possibly imagine in a goggle and with the Onset it was an overnight sensation. People just flipped over that goggle but there's definitely some guys out there that can't wear the Onset because it is big enough. It's still helmet compatible but the thing with the Compass is this is going to lead the way into the next direction for a little bit more of a medium fit.


For sure, and that's what I found. It's a goggle, kind of like you said, I mean, I put it on, I've never been able to wear another goggle but then when I give it to other people to wear that maybe don't have the same face shape as me they struggle with it, it's a little bigger fit, and so a goggle like this now kind of takes care of that issue. Yeah, if you're a medium sized dude, even for more, I'll wear the Compass sometimes too and it's, you know, just looking for a little bit more compact set up. Still huge field of view, just insane. It was Super Fit Engineered which is Giro's mandate, you know, if it goes through Super Fit Engineering we know that it collaborates and sinks into a helmet really nice. If you just want to roll with a hat, that's fine too but some really cool things that, you know, in terms of frameless areas the way that it was gasketed, the way it's vented, to draw it close to your face, again, to give you a bigger sense of periphery of what's going on out there. For sure, and then to expand on that even more, now you're getting this huge field of view but then you're adding the Zeiss lenses. Oh my gosh, you know, when Giro launched into goggles they straight up said, hey, we just don't know enough about optics, who's out there?, and globally without question whether it's an optics or filmming or whatever, it's Zeiss Vision and that's who, you know, this is a spheric lens, it is taper-corrected, it is a double lens so in terms of optic clarity, there's nothing better on the goggle market, period. Yeah, it really is unbelievable how clear these are. Yeah and there's a ton of different lens tints so whether it's, you know, bluebird day, stormy day, pow day, whatever, you can find the right tint under the set up. For sure.


And then, so now moving away from not necessarily performance features, so many comfort features on this too and just a really soft, comfortable face foam which is sometimes an under-rated feature in goggles, really. It is. Really plush. There's actually a triple-layer of face foam that's micro-fleece laid in the back so it just hugs your face and, I mean, the goggle literally disappears into the scape and you don't even know it's on there after awhile. Yeah, and I really love that too, that it's kind of, I want to say, lower profile almost where it sits a little closer to your face. It's not a goggle that really sits out far and hangs out underneath your helmet. No, and whether you have a brim or not, that's one of the things that really protects this is that it does flow into the shape of your helmet so, you know, if you're skiing the glades and the trees or you're just stacking in, this thing, you know, has got a super-rad graphic on here, looks like it's been carved up block of mahogany, you're not going to ding up and hash your goggle because it does sit close to your face and then massive venting along the top to escape all those extra thermals. For sure. Super-excited about this goggle.


Again, kind of taking from the Onset and now for a little smaller face shape, the Compass from Giro. John, thanks for joining us. Yeah, right on. Thank you for joining us on and

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