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2015 Giro Blok Goggle Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey I'm Rob from and joined today by John from Giro. John, thanks for joining us. Yep, sure. Right on.


So, today we're talking about a really, really cool goggle from Giro, the Blok. One of my favorite goggles and it's not, it doesn't come in at this premium price-point or anything like that, it comes in at a very moderate price-point but just such a really cool, almost a throw-back type of goggle. Oh, total classic and retro style. This is, you know, the team at Giro was like, we've got to have something for the athletes. This is wholly team inspired, just the classic blocky lines. Everything about this throws retro out there. Yeah, and it's you know a big field of view for again a moderate price-point. No, for sure. You know, it's bred from the Super Fit Engineered platform so we know it fits. It's got all the right contours and shapes but the big thing here that we're talking about is EXV and EXV is that Expansion View Technology you've seen now in the last couple years from Giro, it just gives the biggest field of view you can imagine but where you need it.


There are bigger lenses out there, we know that for sure, but quite often that big field of view is up top and unless you're looking for the Pine Bowser drop-in, ya know, who cares. So, it's the right field of view where you need it and that's what EXV, that Expansive View Technology, is about. For sure, and I noticed it a lot going kind of switching back-and-forth. I have this and I use the Onset as well and as a snowboarder the blind spots are cut down so much with the EXV lenses. Yeah, toeside you guys can see it all, heelside you're half-blind already so when you don't have the right periphery you're slammed so that's what Giro really focused, work with the athletes really hard. You know, if you watch things like the X-Games, the Winter Olympics, you're going to see a truckload of the Bloks on the guy's faces. For sure, and then building on the EXV Technology also adding Zeiss lenses to it. Yeah, you know, it's injection molded cylindrical lens so you know you've got an awesome optic platform on that horizontal plane but by working with Zeiss they found how to maximize this so whether you're running something like black limo or you know persimmon boost, regardless of what it's doing outside, you're going to have a great optic and the right lens tint.


For sure, and then, I mean you talked a little bit about it but it seems like a little bulkier of a goggle but it actually fits great with a helmet. It's not a goggle you have to wear with just a beanie, I wear it with my helmet, and it fits perfectly. Yeah, whether you're rolling over or under your helmet, you know, beanie ties in it, this has just the right shape and flair. It actually has defamation to it so when you crash, not a matter of if you crash, you're going to stack it in at some point hopefully, by pushing it, this thing has got the right frame and shape and fit. And then just also a really comfortable fit for it too. Yeah, super plush. Triple...3 layers of foam on the back. This thing just literally melts into your face. So great. Again, that kind of classic, traditional look, the Blok from Giro. I absolutely love this goggle. Huge fan.


Check it out on and John, thanks for joining us. Oh, for sure. And thank you for joining us.

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