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2015 Full Tilt Konflict Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by Jeff from Full Tilt Boots. Good morning. Thanks for having me.


And today we've got the Konflict which is Full Tilt's kind of big charger, all-mountain boot. Stealth bomber graphics on it. Give us a little more information about it. Yeah, this boot is really for that top of the line, all-mountain, hard-charging skier. We use our best liner on it. The stiffest foam, the J-Bar, all the parts that you need to keep your foot firmly in place. It's our original shell so it's FTO which is a 99 last. That true snug performance. Exactly. But it still has all the features that Full Tilt's known for Super lightweight. Low profile. Easy to get in and out of, you just undone the 3 buckles, the whole front opens up. The tongue itself you can change out easily.


So, while we're sort of talking about the buckles, this one has the wide track buckles which are really unique. And that's, we really upgraded the buckles on this. They're twice as wide as the others. Full metal really hold if you're jumping off a 70 foot cliff. You know, they're not going to pull out on that. This thing will give you a Cadillac type ride on it as well. Nice, and again, it's just that nice, stiff, true performance, all-mountain. Yeah, absolutely. We add a Cable Keeper as well, keeps everything in line with that. All-in-all, kind of stealth-ed out, murdered-out look, really cool looking boot but it skis phenomenally well.


So, that about sums it up, I mean, it's feature-rich, super high performance. Great for your all-mountain guy who just wants to go out and shred. Thanks for joining us today, Jeff, and thank you guys for watching Ski Talk.

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