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2015 Full Tilt High Five Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and joining me today is Jeff from Full Tilt Boots. Good morning. Good morning, Jeff.


Today we're going to be talking about the High Five so give us a little bit of a rundown on this guy. Well, the High Five is one of our great all-mountain boots. You know, all-mountain freeride. It features our FTI Shell which is our shell which is a little bit wider... And it's still a 102 last. Exactly. So, a little bit roomier. It comes, with do this with the Booter as well, but this has a firm boot board, a rigid boot board. The liner itself is our, what we call, a pro liner. It's a beefier liner, it's got a J-Bar in it. Little more dense, little more responsive. Stiffer. More responsive. And the biggest difference is the tongue, which you can change out on all of Full Tilt's boots really easy, is a 7 so it's substantially stiffer. More for somebody who wants a much more responsive kind of feel for it. So, less of a freestyle boot. This is more of your guy who's looking for a really solid, comfortable, all-mountain boot. Exactly. But still wants all the reduced shin bang and low weight and low center of gravity that Full Tilt offers in all their boots.


Precisely, and it's really just a nice, comfortable fitting boot, you know, when you get the Intuition Liner, it's heat moldable so you can custom fit it right to your foot or you can do it while you're skiing, it'll customize right to your foot as well. But one of the things that people like so much about is how easy it is to get in and out of it. We've changed up our buckle system a little bit so when you, even if you're going to the area and the boot's frozen in your trunk, it always opens up just like that. You can slip your foot into this no problem whatsoever. So, for everybody that remembers that nice bite when you're putting on your ski boots, it's a great way to eliminate that issue from ever happening. Right. Super easy to get in and out of even frozen. And all of Full Tilt's feature this so you can change out the tongue, change the flex really easily but this one comes set to go for top-notch, all-mountain freeride type of skier.


That just about sums it up so if you're looking for just a great responsive all-mountain boot and a medium-to-wider fit, the High Five is a great option. Thank you for joining us, Jeff, and thank you guys for joining us on Ski Talk.

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