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2015 Full Tilt Drop Kick Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by Jeff from Full Tilt boots. What we've got here today is the Full Tilt Drop Kick. This is a boot that you guys may have seen. It was all over the Olympic Games. Do you want to tell us a little bit about that?


Well yeah, we had 83 athletes from 8 different countries on Full Tilt this year and in order to make things simple we made one boot, offered it everybody, they could use that or their own that they already had. That way they had this bright boot with the FT on it. Easy to see. People were talking about and the reason they chose this boot is it's super lightweight. Very aggressive fit on it, it's a 99 last so it's reasonably tight fitting. And this is a very familiar shell shape for Full Tilt, this is the Full Tilt Original or the FTO shell. Exactly and it comes with the same ratchet buckles that we've always used. It offers the ribbed tongue as well. The full 3 piece shell, super easy to get in and out of. And like all the Full Tilt boots, it's an Intuition Liner so it's heat moldable either on a stack or your own body heat will mold it to your foot as well.


And then the Drop Kick also has the wide toe in the liner so it gives you a little bit more room for your toes, a little extra warmth and comfort up there. Exactly, and the reason we do that is it's 99 last, we actually take some of the material out of the liner itself to give a little more room for their toes. That actually helps improve the warmth as well so... So, this boot, it's really kind of geared towards your do-everything from freestyle to freeride athlete. Right. Right. Most popular with the graphic and all and the bright color with the freestyle guys but it could be used for anything.


Perfect. That just about sums it up. Full Tilt Drop Kick. Great boot for the freestyle crowd. Certainly supportive enough to use as an all-mountain boot as well. Thank you for joining us, Jeff. I'm Thom and thank you for joining us us at Ski Talk.

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