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2015 Full Tilt Booter Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi, welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and joining me today is Jeff from Full Tilt Boots. What we've got here today is the Full Tilt Booter. Pretty cool boot from Full Tilt. Tell us a little bit about this guy, Jeff.


Well, one of the nice things about this boot and all of Full Tilt's is it's a 3 piece shell. We offer an Intuition Liner on all our boots. Super easy to get in and out of. You notice the ribbed tongue on it allows for a nice, progressive flex... decreases shin bang, things like that and the boot is flexed at a flex 5 which is perfect for freestyle, rails, pipe, things like that. Awesome. Tell us a little bit more about the shape of the shell. This is the FTI Shell on this guy? FTI. Right, so all our FTI shells are a 102 last so nice, wide, comfortable fit on it. It does have a shock absorber rubber boot board as well so for impacts coming off the rails and things like that it's got a nice, cushioning landing.


And then, with this, this has the performance liner but this liner also has the wide toe so it makes the toe box even feel maybe a little bit wider than that 102? Right, exactly. So, it gives a little less material there so you have a little more room. Your toes are able to move a little bit. That's what helps keep them a lot warmer too. It's also got a removable heel pad on it too if you're hiking around, you can change that out. Likewise, with all the Full Tilt boots, all the parts come on and off with a screwdriver so you can change things out if you want to customize it or if you need ot adjust. And then for durability this guy also has the metal buckles on it which is a real nice upgrade. You can see it's got the cable... the new cable system for the metal buckles which is nice. Lightens up the boot as well so there's some upgrades to the boot or, it's been in line for a few years but this is a new version of it. Cool.


So, what we've got here is just a really nice, fun, fresstyle boot. Real affordable price. Great for the guy that's looking for a playful, freestyle boot. Pretty cool colorway on it so thanks for joining us today, Jeff. Everyone loves Rasta. Yes, yes they do. I'm Thom from, thanks for joining us at Ski Talk.

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