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2015 Full Tilt B&E Pro Model Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by Jeff from Full Tilt Boot today. Good morning. Good morning. How's it going? Great, great. Thanks for having me. So, today we've got a pretty cool boot.


This is the B and E Pro Model Boot. Do you want to give us a little more info about this guy? Yeah, this is the second go-around for B-Dawg and E-Dollo's pro model. Again, it's an Olympic model, it was used this year at Sochi. It features our Full Tilt Original Shell. So, that is that nice, performance 99mm shell. Right, 99. Super lightweight, very low profile so it's close to the ski. Full ratchet buckles throughout. Easily adjustable. Cable Keeper here to keep all your cables in order when you're getting in and out of your boot.


As you know, with all the Full Tilt Boots, the tongue opens all the way wide open making it super easy to get in and out of even if you left it in your trunk overnight. No bite when you're putting your boots on and off. No bite on or off. Smooth progressive flex, you know, people that really like Full Tilt like it because it cuts down on any shin bang. And this utilizes this as the 6 flex tongue and the shock absorbing boot board to really give you that great fluid, freestyle performance. And you can do this all-mountain but it's really graphically designed.


These guys are obviously freestyle-oriented. But you can ski this, you can switch out the tongue easily. Make it stiffer or softer if you want but it comes with a six flex as you said. Perfect for all freestyle type of skiing. So, if you're looking to get as good as the Inspired crew, this is the boot to do it with. Absolutely. Thank you for joining us today, Jeff, and thank you guys for watching Ski Talk.