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2015 Dalbello Voodoo Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and today I'm joined by Ray from Dalbello boots. How's it going, Ray? Great, Thom. How you doing today? Pretty good.


The boot we have to share with you today is the Voodoo from Dalbello. This is one that's been in their series for a while and a boot that you probably know pretty well. Do you want to tell us a little bit more about it? Yeah, the Voodoo came about about gosh, like 5 or 6 years ago, we've had this for a while now, but, you know, we have Tanner Hall and Glen Plake and all these big freestyle, freeride big mountain skiers and freestyle skiers and we needed a boot really for teenage kids and that's where the Voodoo came from. So, it has all the technology of our Krypton boots and our freestyle boots with the three- piece shell.


The high rear cuff with the low hinge point. The lower shell splits open in the bottom to let your foot slide in the boot easy. And then it has the tongue that, when you're doing freestyle things like jamming into bumps or jumps and things like that, it allows the boot to flex really clean and really progressive and give you a lot of rebound back up. So you get a lot of performance, a lot of response but still really shock absorbing comfortable boot. Right. And then when you combine that with the Hyperband that this has... Yeah, the wide Hyperband is a really unique buckle system. It has one buckle up here, rather than having a Powerstrap and a buckle, you've got one big fat buckle so it spreads shock on your shin really well and it allows you to open this buckle when you're hiking in the park or doing whatever so it gives you a lot of freedom.


The other thing that's unique though with the Dalbello, like a lot of our boots, like the Krypton's, it has the 45 degree buckle that wraps around. It draws you, it sucks you into the heel so you've got great control regardless of how tight this buckle. I can also change this boot so if I've got a lightweight kid, it's got soft flex in the boot and if I have a bigger kid, stronger kid, I can make the boot beefier. So, super customizable and really dialed in for that kind of freestyle skier. And we actually think about a lot of things in this boot. Even the lower buckle is reversed where most buckles buckle down here, if you hit a box or rail or whatever else, you're not going to to snap this buckle and break the buckle so Dalbello puts a lot of thought into the freestyle boots and this also comes with that True Fit Liner which is a 100% customizable liner. Fantastic.


So, again, who is this boot really for? It's for really good teenage kids, high school kids, young college guys, lightweight skiers that are ripping it up in the park and pipe and freestyle skiers. Awesome, so if you're looking for a boot that's just a good, all-around freestyle boot, come to, check out the Dalbello Voodoo. Thanks for joining us.

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