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2015 Dalbello Viper 90, 100, 110,and 120 ID Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and today I'm joined by Ray from Dalbello Boots. How's it going, Ray? Great, Thom. How ya doing today? Pretty good.


Today we're going to share the Viper series from Dalbello. It's one that's been around for a little while but is a great 2-piece, 4-buckle boot. We'll start chatting a little bit about the Viper 90 that Ray has here. Do you want to kick us off? Sure, Thom. The Viper series, just to hit a couple of things about Vipers, Vipers have a tri-injected lower shell. Dalbello is actually the company that first used the tri-injecting machine and the beauty of that is you have three different stiffnesses of material. The lower chassis, this lower color here, this is wickedly stiff. It'll give you the quickest, most powerful response to your ski. The middle section is poly-ether. Depending on what grade of stiffness we want, we use poly-ether to give you that great shock absorbing feel and lateral power. And then thirdly, the top of the boot has soft entry material so when you put your foot in the boot, it's really easy to get into.


The Viper is a classic overlap shell also which kind of like a race boot, gives you that really precise edge feel when you push up on the boot, something happens immediately. So, in all the Viper boots, we can trust that they're going be real responsive but also wrap the foot and be comfortable to get in and out of. Right. Now one of the other things, when you talk about comfort and wrapping the foot, Dalbello uses the C4 or Contour 4 fit. Contour 4 was developed a couple years ago by using some pretty precise foot mapping technology at Dalbello, there are 4 key spots that bootfitters classically had to punch in the boot. You put your foot in and you said oh my ankle bone hurts, well C4 gives you a punch in the ankle bone, navicular bone, the 6th toe area and the heel so great fitting shell. So, we're already addressing most of the key problem areas in a boot and then 100mm last, you're going to have a great performance fit out of the boot as well. Right. Exactly.


So, specific to the Viper 90, you've got the Super Comfort Liner in this one, right? Right. So, this gives you that really comfortable, kind of get-in and go, you know it's going to feel good out of the box liner for the person coming out of a beginner and intermediate state of skiing, The Viper 90 really is a performance boot but we took some of the things to make this more affordable for a kid on a budget or an adult on a budget. So, it's great for that guy who really wants to be a super- aggressive skier and is learning the ropes but isn't necessarily there. Right, and you come out of the beginner stages of skiing and you get a lower volume foot that would like to have a more performance boot that's what this shell does. It fits you really well. Fantastic. From the 90 we jump to the 100. Right. With 100, you have a stiffer flex, more performance flex, but you also pick up a couple things. You have shaft alignment in the boot so you can customize it to your leg. It also comes with our full True Fit heat moldable liner and that gives you 100% molding in the liner. So, we're not only adding performance but we're adding comfort here so gearing a little bit more towards that high-end intermediate through solid advanced skier. Yeah, if you're a stronger skier, this is the way to go right here. Fantastic.


And then from the 100 we jump up to the 110. Right. And the 110 is really, this is for the stronger, this is for a guy like you that's out there ripping up the hill, hard-charging, all-mountain skier, stiffer flex in the boot and then the other thing is that this has the True Fit Performance Liner. The True Fit Performance Liner is stiffer, better holding for that stronger aggressive guy that's looking for that ultimate response in the boot. So just more horse power basically. Right. All the way around in this thing. Fantastic. And then the last boot in this series that we have is the Viper 120 ID. Right. Which this get a couple cool modifications. Not only does it have that ID, that Intuition Dalbello Liner, which is super lightweight, it's got an upgrade in the plastic as well. Right. All the other boots we talked about have a poly-ether lower shell which is a very shock absorbing responsive shell. That shell right there is high-end polyurethane just like a race boot so lightweight, super stiff when you put it on edge. So, this is going to be the most responsive, lightest weight, super hard-charging, all-mountain boot. Right. When you talk about response, the other thing, that boot's locked in the back. So, it has a bolt that locks that shell so you get the ultimate race response also.


And then lastly, the ID Liner or the Intuition and Dalbello liner, that's that super, super lightweight liner. It's 100% custom moldable for the high-end skier. The other beauty of the ID Liner which is, if race coach standing on the hill or whoever you may be, it's about 25-30% warmer than a normal liner and it's about 40% lighter so it's wickedly light and really warm. Can't argue with that. So, the Viper 120 ID is really going to be your no-compromises boot for your super high-end aggressive skier. Right. Right. Awesome. That sums up the Viper series of boots from Dalbello. You can check out the 120 ID, the 110, the 100 and the 90 all over at Thanks for joining us.

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