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2015 Dalbello Lupo 110 Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and I'm joined by Ray from Dalbello Boots. How's it going, Ray? Good, Thom. How ya doing today? Pretty good.


And today we have the Lupo 110 from Dalbello. This is a brand new boot for this year based off their really cool 3-piece Cabrio set up. Do you want to share a little more about this boot. Sure, Thom. The Lupo was... The Lupo came from Sean Pettit's pro-model boot which we introduced last year which was a 130 flex. This Lupo is a 110 flex which is a lot more human to the average skier and the Lupo is a boot though for Sean and for the guys who are doing big mountain skiing, hiking or whatever else. It has a hike mode on the back and this is a burly hike mode. Nice, big chunky metal... Oh, it is. And if you're jumping off cliffs you don't want a wimpy little piece that's going to fall apart. It takes guts to open this and then when you flip this baby back in, it's locked in. It's spring-loaded so if you're dropping off a big cliff, when this thing, if this thing were to move, it just snaps back in place. so you're always locked in.


And then this uses that 98mm performance chassis that people are used to with the Krypton boots. Right. Right. Which is great for the high end skiers; get all the grip in the heel, all the foot hold you're looking for. The other thing that you hit on was the fact that this was a 3-piece shell and we kind of harp on that a lot with our boots with the Krypton boots but the 3-piece shell for guys who take big hits, jumping off cliffs, skiing big mountains, freeride skiers, etc., etc. These guys need the shock absorption and the guts of what a 3-piece provides. The lower shell is wickedly stiff with the 3-piece chassis then the rear cuff with our low hinge point allows the boot to flex and work with a skier when you're hitting things, jamming into moguls or cliff drops or whatever. And we use a nylon tongue which is really key. It's ribbed and it flexes and when it flexes, it rebounds back with a lot of energy to pull you back into position. So you get all that high speed performance, all the precision, all the control but you get a basically built-in shock absorber. Exactly.


And then for the guys who are doing hiking and whatever, this has got a rubber, what we call, High Grip Heel and toe piece. It also has a rubber pad under the center of the boot so if you're walking on rock and rugged terrain or you're in a helicopter, your foot's on the rails of a helicopter or a CAT or whatever else, you're not going to be slipping and, you know... Being sure-footed means a lot when you're doing a little bit of hiking. Absolutely. So, all said and done, who is the Lupo for? The Lupo is really for the best skiers on the hill. This is for the guys that are raging, hitting every hard hit, every, you know, high speed run that there is. Jumping off cliffs, doing a lot of hiking, doing some skinning, doing whatever, this is the boot for the best skier on the mountain. Fantastic. So, if you're looking for something that can go anywhere at any speed on any terrain, stop by, check out the Lupo 110. Thanks for joining us. Thanks, Thom.

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