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2015 Dalbello Luna 70 and 80 Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and today I'm joined by Ray from Dalbello Boots. How's it going, Ray? Great, how ya doing today, Thom? Pretty good. Thank you.


Today we're going to tell you a little bit about the Luna series from Dalbello. This is a brand new series from them that utilizes their tried and true three-piece design. Do you want to tell us a little about the Luna boots? Yeah, Thom. The... You know, when you mentioned the three-piece design, this boot series is really designed for that new and kind of adventure skier. People that are buying the new rockered ski, buying all these new skis and they want to go more places on the mountain and with our three-piece shell design, you have the lower shell which gives you the great lateral performance edge-to-edge but with our rear cuff having a really low hinge point and then flexing against an independent tongue, it allows the boot to flex progressively, load up that tongue and rebound back to give you great performance so it really gives you a great feel on your new skis.


So, ideal kind of set up for variable snow and then on top of that, for the adventure-side, we go and put a ski/hike in the back of all of these. Right. So, you have a hiking lever on the back. Flip that lever up, it opens the boot up and it allow the boot to stand very upright for, you know, for walking around and hiking around, possibly some skinning if you've got that type of binding. And then we also add a High Grip Rubber Sole to these so whether you're walking in an icy parking lot or trying to clamor over some rocks, you've got the a lot of grip there as well. Right. Right. You know, having that grip is nice and added safety is always great. Absolutely. One other great feature on here is the flex adjustment on the back of the boot. Right. You know, you buy the boot, you buy whatever flex you like and then you get out on the hill and maybe you have a wickedly, wickedly cold day and you want to soften the boot a little bit, you can go from hard flex on this boot down to soft flex and it softens this boot about 15% so it gives your a true feel of the boot. no matter what the conditions are. That's fantastic. And then in true Dalbello form we go to 4 metal, I'm sorry, 3 metal microadjustable buckles here so you get the great durability of the metal and that absolute customization of that microadjustability. Right, right and that's just, you know, one of the other quality features Dalbello likes to throw on their boots.


And then to top it off, another thing that's truly Dalbello is the C4. Right. C4 is stands for Contour 4. Contour 4, there's usually 4 key spots that custom boot fitters have to shape for people's feet. The ankle bone, the navicular bone right under the ankle bone, the 6th toe area and the heel. These have all be mapped using foot mapping technology in our factory and designed to fit feet really well out of the box. Along with that, we talk about the liners. So, in the 70 here we have the Super Comfort Liner. Right. Which is Dalbello's kind of tried and true, out of the box great fitting liner. But when you go to my boot here, the 80, or you go to the one I have in my hand, this has got a True Fit Liner which is 100% heat moldable liner which shapes your ankle bone to your achilles heel to the top of your foot. Gives you really true customization. So, a little bit more comfort and then definitely added performance of that really snug feel. Right.


And, you know, lastly, not to beat on it but with our three-piece design, when you open these boots up, your feet go into these things really easy so it's always nice to get in and out too without fighting with them. Awesome. So, our Luna 70 is really going to be geared towards that skier who's either maybe getting out of rentals or an established beginner skier that really wants to be a solid skier and is an aspiring intermediate that's got aspirations of skiing even better than that. Right, exactly. Good, solid, up to a solid intermediate stage. And then with the 80, you go from a good intermediate skier right up to a lower expert level. Awesome. Well, that has been the Luna series from Dalbello. You can check out both the Luna 70 and the Luna 80 over at Thanks for joining us.

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