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2015 Dalbello Indigo 80 and 90 Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and today I'm joined by Ray from Dalbello Boots. How's it going, Ray? Great, Thom. How ya doing today? Pretty good.


What we're going to talk about now is the Indigo series of boots from Dalbello. Really cool, new 4 buckle series from Dalbello. Do you want to tell us a little bit about the Indigo boots? Sure, Thom. The Indigo series was developed by Dalbello for better skiers, women who are looking for performance, big mountain guts on the hill and, you know, the ability to rip it up but they also are looking for comfort and you might have a little bit wider foot. This is 102mm lasted boot so it fits a wider foot. This has got a fair amount of room up in the toe box and then with your C4 design, it's a very comfortable boot as well. Right, C4, if you're not familiar with it, C4 is where we did some very elaborate foot mapping in the factory where they isolated 4 key spots that people have trouble fitting boots. 1 is the ankle bone, second is the navicular bone, third is the 6th toe area and fourth is right above your heel. Where you guys in the ski shops are constantly having to do custom work, this is pre-done. So, Dalbello is giving you a boot that just straight out of the box is addressing all of our most common ailments in trying on ski boots.


Right, the other thing as far as comfort, we put an easy entry, softer material over the instep area so when you pry the boot open, your foot goes into it easy. And along with comfort, the other thing that we have, is our True Fit Liner which is a proven Dalbello liner. True Fit is 100% heat moldable. It molds around the ankle, the achilles heel, all of those hard to fit spots. So, not only have you addressed them in the shell, you've given a great heat moldable liner that's going to give you just a truly, truly comfortable fit. Right. And then the Indigo boots also have a flex adjustment on the back. Right, so if you buy this boot and if the boot is a little stiffer than you'd like on the hill or you get out on a wickedly cold day and the boot feels stiff, you can soften the boot about 15%. Fantastic. Just a little bit more control over everything. And then just to kind of top it off, the icing on the cake, all 4 metal, microadjustable buckles so you get great durability and you can dial in the fit and the wrap of the boot. Exactly. Awesome. So, specific to the 80, what kind of skier are we looking for. The 80 is going to be for a good, solid intermediate skier who's looking to go to the expert level and might be a little bit lighter weight skier also so the softer flex is great. The 90, really very similar boot but if you're a stronger skier, harder charger, more aggressive skier, that's the 90. And then with the 90, you also get the added benefit of the shaft alignment here which helps you dial in the fit on the leg a little bit here too.


Right, right. So, it's just fully customizable. Awesome, well that's been the Indigo series from Dalbello. You can check out both the Indigo 80 and the Indigo 90 over at Thanks for joining us.

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