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2015 Dalbello Aspect 80, 90, and 100 Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi. Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and today I'm joined by Ray from Dalbello Boots.

How's it going, Ray? Great, Thom. How are you doing today? Pretty good.


The boots we're going to talk about today are the Aspect Series from Dalbello. Brand new three-piece boot from them. Do you want to tell us a little bit about the Aspect Boot? Sure, Thom. You know, in the ski world right now, skis have been changing tremendously throughout the last 5-10 years and one of the things that people are looking for is all-mountain and off-mountain, side country, hiking, you know, skinning, this and that. So, the three-piece design of Dalbello really benefits the skier with that. With the three-piece design you have the lower shell which gives you your strong lateral support for performance, but then you have the low hinge point and the rear cuff that flexes with the boot and then you have a tongue, an independent tongue, that allows the cuff to flex against that tongue and give you the rebound and the performance you're looking for on the hill. Fantastic. So, to combine with that, to really add to the adventure side, we also go to a ski/hike feature on this. Right, so on the back, you flip the lever open, like that, and it allows the shell to then tilt back and let's you stand upright and walk more freely in the boot. And then coupled with that, you guys also have added a flex adjustment on this so we can go a little bit softer or a little bit firmer and it's great for colder days when the boot's real stiff you can kind of stomp Sometimes when you're out on some of those sidecountry places and you're looking for, you know, you got gnarly terrain or this and that, it's nice to be able to back down the boot and make it a little bit more skier friendly or shock absorption friendly.


And then to add to those, the walking friendly we also go to the High Grip Rubber Soles on these. Right, we put a new soft rubbery material on the soles to give you better traction for walking around icy areas, rocky terrain and things like that so... And then in classic Dalbello fashion we go all three buckles, metal, micro-adjust so we get great durability, great customization. Exactly. Awesome. So, specific to the Aspect 80, we're going with the super-comfort liner here. So, this is your easy fit, you know, get in and go, for the strong intermediate skier. This skier right here wants to become a skier, wants to become a good skier, and is getting a lot boot and a lot of, you know, a lot of structure but an easy fit out of the box, ready to go boot. Something you know is going to be comfortable right away. From there we jump up to the 90. Right. In the 90 you not only jump up in liner technology but you also jump up in shell technology where you have a poly-ether lower shell for shock absorption and better performance and our True Fit, 100% heat-moldable, liner. This is a True Fit Sport liner in this model. So, you're amping up comfort as well as performance with that 3D mold and then one thing that's great for guys with bigger calves or wider calves, we go to the easy macro-adjustment on that upper buckle. Big, easy to operate buckle here but a reaching buckle here that's just quick and easy to adjust. So that part of the three-piece design, part of the 3 buckle design.


So, again we're adding comfort onto performance there. Right. And then from the 90 we jump up to the 100 which I'm holding. Right and the 100 is really kind of the mack daddy of this whole group. With a 100 you get a stiffer flex, stronger performance shell. The liner in this is the True Fit Performance liner so it's the stiffest of all the True Fit liners and you're looking for more response, more support, more control, that boot's got it all. The other thing, if you look at the bottom of that boot, it has a rubber clad piece in the middle of the boot so if this guy is going, you know, on a helicopter, on a CAT ride, on a snowmobile, or you're on gnarly rocks or at the top of the hill, it gives you a lot of, you know, better grip, better traction. Fantastic. So, this is really going to be geared for that advanced through expert level skier who's really looking to spend a fair amount of their time off-trail as well. Right. Right. Great. That has been the Dalbello Aspect series, you can check out the 100, the 90 and the 80 all over at Thanks for joining us.

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