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2015 Atomic Live Fit 70, 90, and 130 Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and today I'm joined by Mike from Atomic. How's it going, Mike? It's going great, Thom. Thanks for having me here today. Thanks for joining us today. We've got a really cool series of boots to share with you.


This is the Live Fit from Atomic and it's one that's been around for a while so you may be familiar with it. But do you want to share a little bit about these boots?Absolutely. The Live Fit series was designed for somebody looking for a comfort level boot. It has Live Fit Panels on the medial side and the lateral side - they're asymmetrical, so what that really does is when the customer slides her foot into the boot, the soft panels give way and it fits to the foot instantaneously. So, you get a kind of a custom shaping right out of the box and then you guys also combine that with your Flat Bottom Chassis which I think is a really unique thing to do. That's awesome. You know, not everybody does that and it's a great benefit so essentially the Flat Bottom Chassis, the shell of the boot comes away from the toe and heel log flatter, longer so it lets the foot lay flat and fits really well. So, you just get a real relaxed fit. Something, it feels like you would expect a shoe to feel almost. Exactly.


And then on top of that you guys go and put on easy Marcoadjustable Upper Catch on this. We do. So, the skier is able to adjust, you know, the closure pressure whether they have a big calf, small calf, they need it to fit tighter, looser, it's real easy to do and then also we have Macrobuckles so you get the closure of 4 buckles without the work of working with 4 buckles. And they're very large so you're able to work with those buckles with your mitts or gloves on. Awesome. So, specifically with the 70 that you're holding, you guys go and put the bronze liner in here, right? Yes, exactly. So, essentially it's an asymmetrical liner with our bronze lining and the asymmetrical because not all feet are round it gives you better closure in the cuff and in the tongue and in the forefoot area. And then you also add a cool little feature, the Grip Soles on it as well. Yes, we do, and that essentially gives you better traction and its easier to walk in when you're not skiing.


So, what skier would we expect to see in the Live Fit 70? This essentially is designed for somebody who's been skiing a little while, maybe they've rented, and now they're looking to upgrade and buy their own pair of boots or a younger skier just getting out of junior boots. Awesome. So, from the 70 we can upgrade up to the 90 if you want to grab that one. And here we upgrade one of the biggest things is to the silver liner with Thinsulate. Correct. Thinsulate as most people know is a very warm material even when it gets damp so your foot is warm and relaxed and you're able to ski and function all day long. And also, it has DynaShape Foam in this level of liner. And then it's also a little bit stiffer so combined with the sttifer shell and the DynaFit it's a little more responsive. Absolutely. This would be an excellent boot for somebody looking for a comfort fit or relaxed fit that is an intermediate level skier or been skiing for a little while or even a lighter weight skier who's not that tall. Awesome. And then from the 90 we jump up to the flagship in the Live Fit which is the 130. Absolutely. That's a beautiful boot. It's got the gold liner in it which has a lot of DynaShape. It has Thinsulate and it's a 130 flex so it's a true performance-level boot for that bigger person or heavier person or expert level person with a wider foot.


So, while it comes off that comfort platform this boot really is designed with performance in mind. Absolutely. Fantastic. So, that pretty much sums up the Live Fit series whether you're looking at the 70, the 90 or the 130. You can check them out over at Thanks for joining us.

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