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2015 Atomic Live Fit 60 and 80 Womens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and today I'm joined by Mike from Atomic. How's it going, Mike? It's going great, Thom. Thanks for having me. Thanks for joining us today. We have a really cool series of boots to share with you.


This is the Live Fit women's series from Atomic. It's one that's been around for a couple seasons now so you may know it but do you want to give us a little bit more information about it? I do. The Live Fit series was designed for somebody looking for a comfortable fit. It has softer asymmetrical panels on the medial and lateral side so the moment you slide your foot in, you get a great fitting fit for your foot depending on the size or the depths continuously. And then when you guys go and combine that with instant customization that the Live Fit has with the Flat Bottom Chassis, you just get a real natural feel. You do. The Flat Bottom Chassis essentially is, you know, when the boot comes away from the toe and the heel log it remains flat for a long time and a lot of boots out there don't do that so the foot doesn't get cut so much. Just a more relaxed feel all-in-all. Right.


And then to that, to keep with the kind of customization theme, there's an easy Macro Adjustable Upper Buckle here too. There is so just by a matter of pressing the bale of the boot, you're able to adjust for closure around the calf depending on the size of your calf real easily. Awesome. And then one last really cool thing you guys do is you put Grip Soles on these as well. We do. The Grip Soles give the skier a really good traction when they're walking around whether in the lodge or in the snow or in the parking lot. So, specifically with the Live Fit 60 you have there, that one's using the bronze liner, right? It is. The bronze liner has a really good warm insulation to it. It's asymmetrical so it fits around the calf really well. It fits around the shin really well and then the forefoot area. It also has the two big Macro Buckles which give you the closure of 4 but because the buckles are so big, it's easy to manipulate with the gloves and mittens on.


So, what skier are we going to expect to see in that Live Fit 60? This is an intermediate level skier, somebody not super-aggressive maybe they rented a couple times and now they're looking to purchase their own pair of boots. Awesome. From there we jump up to the 80. This one gets a couple really cool upgrades in the liner. It does. It gets the silver liner which gives you Dyna Shape. It also gets Thinsulate which is a super warm material even when it's damp and it also has Clima Foam which adds to the warmth of the boot. So, you're doing two different things to make this liner extra warm? Yes, exactly. And then we're also going to a little bit stiffer boot so this is going to be for your, kind of, solid intermediate skier? Yes, absolutely. Again, you know, it's about finding the right match or flex for that level of skier so it could be a more aggressive, could be a taller skier.


Fantastic. So, if you're really looking for a boot that's going to be truly comfortable with a great out-of-the-box fit from the first day you ski to the last day you ski them, you should definitely stop by and check out both the Live Fit 60 and Live Fit 80 from Atomic. Thanks for joining us.

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