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2015 Atomic Hawx 2.0 90, 100, 110, and 120 Mens Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Welcome to Ski Talk. I'm Thom from and today I'm joined by Mike from Atomic. How's it going, Mike? It's going great. Thanks for having me, Thom. Thanks for joining us today and for you guys out there we have an awesome series of boots to share with you.


This is the Hawx 2.0. So, what they've done here was taken everything you love about the Hawx and then just really amp it up for an all-new boot this season. You want to tell us a little bit about these? I do. Well, the legendary fit of the Hawx boot just got better. Essentially what we've added, new for this year, is Sole Flex. We've softened the flex of the sole which creates a much better bending line for the skier so they're more efficient in their skiing. So, you get a really balanced, comfortable, all-day boot. You do. And then when you combine that with the classic Hawx 100mm last and the Flat Bottom Chassis, we're talking pure performance out of these. Absolutely. The Flat Bottom Chassis is a key thing because not a lot of manufacturers do that. And the flat chassis, basically the design of the boot, it comes away from the whole heel in the toe log much flatter so the foot lays flatter in the boot. So, you get a boot that is tremendously comfortable fit right out of the box, has a real natural fit. Correct. And to that, you guys also put your Grip 2K Soles on these. Right, and that's for better traction for the skier when they're walking in the snow or walking in the parking lot.


And, I mean, the big thing here is these boots fit awesome for that 100mm performance skier. But if you were to run into any issues, you guys also do Memory Fit with these now. We do. With Memory Fit, the shell is totally customizable so you're able to even tweak that fit even better. So, specifically with the 90 that you have, what are some of the features here? Well, with the Hawx 90 you have the silver liner which essentially introduces Thinsulate. Thinsulate is a very warm material even when wet. And also we have Dyna Shape Foam in the heel pocket here. So, lots of comfort, lots of warmth but still performance-oriented with that nice tucked heel. Exactly. What skier would we expect to see on the 90? This is a good intermediate level skier or maybe a more proficient skier that's a little lighter weight. Awesome. So, from the 90 we then jump up to the 100 which is really a very similar boot but we're going to a little stiffer boot here? Exactly. So, it's a little more performance-oriented or even for a bigger, taller, heavier skier. Awesome. From the 100 we jump up to the 110 which I'm holding which we do get an upgrade in the liner here, right? Exactly. That goes to the bronze liner and the bronze liner... It's the gold liner. The gold liner sorry, gold liner, which has more Dyna Shape Foam throughout the liner. But we still retain the Thinsulate in this, right? Still has Thinsulate.


Also you have Power Shift in that boot which allows the skier to adjust the forward lean between 13 to 15 to 17 degrees forward lean and you can also adjust the flex plus or minus 10 points. So, we've got a boot that's super, super customizable here and a really performance-oriented package. Yes. So, what skier is going to be looking for this 110? That basically is a very experienced skier, a pretty aggressive skier looking for a flex about 110, maybe a little lighter weight. Awesome. From the 110 we then jump up into the 120 which is one of the coolest looking boots out there to me. We keep the gold liner, we keep that Thinsulate and then we go a little bit stiffer in the shell here, right? Exactly, that is a expert level skier, maybe an ex-racer, but definitely somebody who has their a-game. Awesome. So, if you're looking for a boot that's just got great out-of-the-box fit, tons of warmth in a boot you can be in all day long, stop by, check out the Hawx 90, 100, 110 and even the 120 if you're looking for that high-powered boot. Thanks for joining us.

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